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*** CHANGE IN 2024 *** (SEE 2153-S.SL) ***
The definitions set forth in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Core" means a major component part received by a vehicle wrecker in exchange for a like part sold by the vehicle wrecker, is not resold as a major component part except for scrap metal value or for remanufacture, and the vehicle wrecker maintains records for three years from the date of acquisition to identify the name of the person from whom the core was received.
(2) "Established place of business" means a building or enclosure which the vehicle wrecker occupies either continuously or at regular periods and where his or her books and records are kept and business is transacted and which must conform with zoning regulations.
(3) "Interim owner" means the owner of a vehicle who has the original certificate of title for the vehicle, which certificate has been released by the person named on the certificate and assigned to the person offering to sell the vehicle to the wrecker.
(4) "Major component part" includes at least each of the following vehicle parts: (a) Engines and short blocks; (b) frame; (c) transmission and/or transfer case; (d) cab; (e) door; (f) front or rear differential; (g) front or rear clip; (h) quarter panel; (i) truck bed or box; (j) seat; (k) hood; (l) bumper; (m) fender; and (n) airbag. The director may supplement this list by rule.
(5) "Vehicle wrecker" means every person, firm, partnership, association, or corporation engaged in the business of buying, selling, or dealing in vehicles of a type required to be registered under the laws of this state, for the purpose of wrecking, dismantling, disassembling, or substantially changing the form of a vehicle, or who buys or sells integral secondhand parts of component material thereof, in whole or in part, or who deals in secondhand vehicle parts.
(6) "Wrecked vehicle" means a vehicle which is disassembled or dismantled or a vehicle which is acquired with the intent to dismantle or disassemble and never again to operate as a vehicle, or a vehicle which has sustained such damage that its cost to repair exceeds the fair market value of a like vehicle which has not sustained such damage, or a damaged vehicle whose salvage value plus cost to repair equals or exceeds its fair market value, if repaired, or a vehicle which has sustained such damage or deterioration that it may not lawfully operate upon the highways of this state for which the salvage value plus cost to repair exceeds its fair market value, if repaired; further, it is presumed that a vehicle is a wreck if it has sustained such damage or deterioration that it may not lawfully operate upon the highways of this state.


Reviser's note: (1) The definitions in this section have been alphabetized pursuant to RCW 1.08.015(2)(k).
(2) This section was amended by 2010 c 8 § 9097 and by 2010 c 161 § 1138, each without reference to the other. Both amendments are incorporated in the publication of this section under RCW 1.12.025(2). For rule of construction, see RCW 1.12.025(1).
Effective dateIntentLegislation to reconcile chapter 161, Laws of 2010 and other amendments made during the 2010 legislative session2010 c 161: See notes following RCW 46.04.013.
Severability1977 ex.s. c 253: See note following RCW 46.80.005.
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