Chapter 46.68 RCW



46.68.010Refunds, overpayments, and underpaymentsPenalty for false statements.
46.68.020Disposition of certificates of title fees.
46.68.025Distribution of quick title service fees.
46.68.030Disposition of vehicle registration and license fees.
46.68.035Disposition of combined vehicle license fees.
46.68.038Disposition of driving record abstract fees.
46.68.041Disposition of driver's license fees.
46.68.045Disposition of off-road vehicle moneys.
46.68.060Highway safety fund.
46.68.063Department of licensing technology improvement and data management account.
46.68.065Motorcycle safety education account.
46.68.067Driver licensing technology support account.
46.68.070Motor vehicle fund createdUse limited.
46.68.080Refund of vehicle license fees and fuel taxes to island countiesDeposit of fuel taxes into Puget Sound ferry operations account.
46.68.090Distribution of statewide fuel taxes.
46.68.110Distribution of amount allocated to cities and towns.
46.68.120Distribution of amount allocated to countiesGenerally.
46.68.122Distribution of amount to countiesFactors of distribution formula.
46.68.124Distribution of amount to countiesPopulation, road cost, money need, computedAllocation percentage adjustment.
46.68.126Allocations to cities and counties from motor vehicle fund and multimodal transportation accountQuarterly, proportional distributions.
46.68.130Expenditure of balance of motor vehicle fund.
46.68.135Multimodal account, transportation infrastructure accountAnnual transfers.
46.68.170RV account.
46.68.175Abandoned recreational vehicle disposal account.
46.68.220Department of licensing services account.
46.68.230Transfer of funds under government service agreement.
46.68.240Highway infrastructure account.
46.68.250Vehicle licensing fraud account.
46.68.260Impaired driving safety account.
46.68.280Transportation 2003 account (nickel account).
46.68.290Transportation partnership accountDefinitionsPerformance audits.
46.68.294Transportation partnership accountLegislative transfer.
46.68.295Transportation partnership accountTransfers.
46.68.300Freight mobility investment account.
46.68.310Freight mobility multimodal account.
46.68.320Regional mobility grant program account.
46.68.325Rural mobility grant program account.
46.68.340Ignition interlock device revolving account (as amended by 2013 2nd sp.s. c 4).
46.68.340Ignition interlock device revolving account (as amended by 2013 2nd sp.s. c 35).
46.68.350Snowmobile accountDisposition of snowmobile moneys.
46.68.360Organ and tissue donation awareness accountDistribution.
46.68.370License plate technology account.
46.68.380Special license plate applicant trust account.
46.68.395Connecting Washington account.
46.68.396Transportation future funding program account.
46.68.398Congestion relief and traffic safety account.
46.68.400Vehicle registration filing feesDistribution.
46.68.405Vehicle registration opt-out donationsDisposition.
46.68.410Vehicle identification number inspection feeDistribution.
46.68.415Motor vehicle weight fee, motor home vehicle weight feeDisposition.
46.68.420Special license plate fees by accountDisposition.
46.68.425Special license plate fees by plate typeDisposition.
46.68.430Special license plate fees by plate typeCollegiate license platesDisposition.
46.68.435Personalized license plate feesDisposition.
46.68.440Emergency medical services feeDistribution.
46.68.445Parking ticket surchargeDistribution.
46.68.450Department temporary permit feeDistribution.
46.68.455Vehicle trip permit feeDistribution.
46.68.460Special fuel trip permit feeDistribution.
46.68.470Congestion reduction chargesContracts.
46.68.480Cooper Jones active transportation safety account.


Amount of snowmobile fuel tax paid as motor vehicle fuel tax: RCW 46.10.530.
Highway funds, use, constitutional limitations: State Constitution Art. 2 § 40 (Amendment 18).
Motor vehicle
special fuel tax: Chapter 82.38 RCW.
use tax: Chapter 82.12 RCW.
Motor vehicle fund income from United States securitiesExemption from reserve fund requirement: RCW 43.84.095.
Off-road vehicle fuel taxRefunds from motor vehicle fund: RCW 46.09.520.
Snowmobile fuel taxRefund to general fund: RCW 46.10.510.
State patrol: Chapter 43.43 RCW.