Chapter 46.63 RCW



HTMLPDF 46.63.010Legislative intent.
HTMLPDF 46.63.020Violations as traffic infractionsExceptions.
HTMLPDF 46.63.030Notice of traffic infractionIssuanceAbandoned vehicles.
HTMLPDF 46.63.040Jurisdiction of courtsJurisdiction of college and university governing bodies.
HTMLPDF 46.63.050Training of judicial officers.
HTMLPDF 46.63.060Notice of traffic infractionDetermination final unless contested.
HTMLPDF 46.63.070Response to noticeContesting determinationHearingFailure to respond or appear.
HTMLPDF 46.63.073Rental vehicles.
HTMLPDF 46.63.075Safety camera infractionsPresumption.
HTMLPDF 46.63.080HearingsRules of procedureCounsel.
HTMLPDF 46.63.090HearingsContesting determination that infraction committedAppeal.
HTMLPDF 46.63.100HearingsExplanation of mitigating circumstances.
HTMLPDF 46.63.105City attorney, county prosecutor, or other prosecuting authorityFiling an infractionContribution, donation, payment.
HTMLPDF 46.63.110Monetary penalties.
HTMLPDF 46.63.120Order of courtCivil natureWaiver, reduction, suspension of penaltyCommunity restitution.
HTMLPDF 46.63.130Issue of process by court of limited jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 46.63.140Presumption regarding stopped, standing, or parked vehicles.
HTMLPDF 46.63.151Costs and attorney fees.
HTMLPDF 46.63.160Photo toll systemsCivil penalties for nonpayment of tolls, mitigating circumstancesSystem requirementsRulesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 46.63.180Automated school bus safety camerasDefinition.
HTMLPDF 46.63.190Payment plansRequestDelinquencyNonpaymentsFeesModification allowed.
HTMLPDF 46.63.200Speed safety camera systemsState highway work zonesDepartment of transportationWashington state patrolNotice of infractionRevenueReport.
HTMLPDF 46.63.210Definitions.
HTMLPDF 46.63.220Automated traffic safety camerasCity or county may authorize useLocal legislative authority analysisTraffic ordinancesAnnual reportsSignageImagesNotice of infractionCompensation for equipmentRevenue.
HTMLPDF 46.63.230Automated traffic safety camerasStoplight violations.
HTMLPDF 46.63.240Automated traffic safety camerasRailroad grade crossing violations.
HTMLPDF 46.63.250Automated traffic safety camerasSpeed violationsExceptions.
HTMLPDF 46.63.260Automated traffic safety camerasCitiesUseTransit authority may not take disciplinary action, exception.


Additional statutory assessments: RCW 3.62.090, 46.64.055.
Traffic, transit, and civil infraction cases involving juveniles under age sixteen: RCW 13.40.250.