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Local authorities to provide "stop" or "yield" signs at intersections with increased speed highwaysDesignated as arterials.

The governing body or authority of any such city or town or political subdivision shall place and maintain upon each and every highway intersecting a highway where an increased speed is permitted, as provided in this chapter, appropriate stop or yield signs, sufficient to be read at any time by any person upon approaching and entering the highway upon which such increased speed is permitted and such city street or such portion thereof as is subject to the increased speed shall be an arterial highway.
[ 1975 c 62 s 33; 1961 c 12 s 46.48.046. Prior: 1951 c 28 s 4; prior: 1937 c 189 s 66, part; RRS s 6360-66, part; 1927 c 309 s 5, part; 1921 c 96 s 41, part; 1919 c 59 s 13, part; 1917 c 155 s 20, part; 1915 c 142 s 34, part; RRS s 6362-5, part. Formerly RCW 46.48.046.]


Severability1975 c 62: See note following RCW 36.75.010.
Designation of city streets as arterials, stopping on entering: RCW 46.61.195.
Traffic control signals or devices upon city streets forming part of state highways: RCW 46.61.085.
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