Chapter 46.25 RCW



HTMLPDF 46.25.001Short title.
HTMLPDF 46.25.005PurposeConstruction.
HTMLPDF 46.25.010Definitions (as amended by 2019 c 44).
HTMLPDF 46.25.010Definitions (as amended by 2019 c 195).
HTMLPDF 46.25.020One license limit.
HTMLPDF 46.25.030Duties of driverNotice to department and employer.
HTMLPDF 46.25.040Duties of employer.
HTMLPDF 46.25.050Commercial driver's license requiredExceptions, restrictions, reciprocity.
HTMLPDF 46.25.052Commercial learner's permitQualifications, authorized use, endorsements, restrictions, fee distribution.
HTMLPDF 46.25.054Nondomiciled commercial driver's license and commercial learner's permitIssuance, requirements.
HTMLPDF 46.25.055Medical examination and certificationRequiredException.
HTMLPDF 46.25.057Medical certificateFailure to carryPenalty.
HTMLPDF 46.25.060Knowledge and skills examination, exemptions, fee distribution.
HTMLPDF 46.25.070ApplicationChange of address, nameResidencyHazardous materials endorsement.
HTMLPDF 46.25.075CertificationRecordkeeping and administrationDowngrade.
HTMLPDF 46.25.080License contents, classifications, endorsements, restrictions.
HTMLPDF 46.25.082Driving record information.
HTMLPDF 46.25.085Hazardous materials endorsement.
HTMLPDF 46.25.088ExpirationRenewal.
HTMLPDF 46.25.090DisqualificationGrounds for, period ofRecords.
HTMLPDF 46.25.100Restoration after disqualificationRequalification fee, fee distribution.
HTMLPDF 46.25.105Downgrade of commercial learner's permit or commercial driver's licenseReviewRemoval of downgradeErroneous identification.
HTMLPDF 46.25.110Driving with alcohol or THC in system.
HTMLPDF 46.25.120Test for alcohol or drugsDisqualification for refusal of test or positive testProcedures.
HTMLPDF 46.25.123Mandatory reporting of positive test.
HTMLPDF 46.25.125Disqualification for positive testProcedure.
HTMLPDF 46.25.130Report of violation, disqualification by nonresident.
HTMLPDF 46.25.140Rules.
HTMLPDF 46.25.150Agreements to carry out chapter.
HTMLPDF 46.25.160Licenses issued by other jurisdictions.
HTMLPDF 46.25.170Civil and criminal penalties.
HTMLPDF 46.25.901Effective dates1989 c 178.