Chapter 44.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 44.04.010Date of regular sessions.
HTMLPDF 44.04.012Special legislative sessionLegislature may convene.
HTMLPDF 44.04.021Commencement of terms of office.
HTMLPDF 44.04.040Vouchers for pay and mileage of membersWarrants.
HTMLPDF 44.04.041Warrants for pay and mileage of membersPayment of.
HTMLPDF 44.04.050Vouchers for pay of employeesWarrants.
HTMLPDF 44.04.051Warrants for pay of employeesPayment of.
HTMLPDF 44.04.060Vouchers for incidental expensesWarrants.
HTMLPDF 44.04.070Warrants for incidental expensesPayment of.
HTMLPDF 44.04.090Warrants for subsistence and lodging.
HTMLPDF 44.04.100Contest of electionDepositions.
HTMLPDF 44.04.120Members' allowances when engaged in legislative business.
HTMLPDF 44.04.125Allowances of members-elect when attending meetings.
HTMLPDF 44.04.170Information from municipal associations.
HTMLPDF 44.04.200References to regular session of the legislature.
HTMLPDF 44.04.210Gender-neutral terms.
HTMLPDF 44.04.230Teachers' insurance benefitsReimbursement.
HTMLPDF 44.04.240Teachers' insurance benefitsPayment of warrants.
HTMLPDF 44.04.250Surplus computer equipmentDonation to schools.
HTMLPDF 44.04.260Legislative committees and agenciesOversight.
HTMLPDF 44.04.280State lawsRespectful language.
HTMLPDF 44.04.290Periodic review of plans for bicycle, pedestrian, and equestrian facilities.
HTMLPDF 44.04.300Joint transportation committeeCreatedDuties.
HTMLPDF 44.04.310Joint transportation committeeAllowances, expenses.
HTMLPDF 44.04.320Oral history program.
HTMLPDF 44.04.325Legislative oral history committeeMembers, staff.
HTMLPDF 44.04.330Legislative oral history committeeDuties.
HTMLPDF 44.04.335Oral history activitiesFundingJoint rules.
HTMLPDF 44.04.340Oral history activitiesGifts, grants, conveyancesExpendituresJoint rules.
HTMLPDF 44.04.345Legislative oral history account.
HTMLPDF 44.04.360Joint higher education committeePurpose.
HTMLPDF 44.04.362Joint higher education committeeMembership.
HTMLPDF 44.04.364Joint higher education committeeMeetingsReimbursementRulesStaffing.
HTMLPDF 44.04.370Gina Grant Bull memorial legislative page scholarship program.
HTMLPDF 44.04.375Legislative page scholarship programGifts, grants, conveyances, bequests, devisesExpendituresJoint rules.
HTMLPDF 44.04.380Gina Grant Bull memorial legislative page scholarship account.
HTMLPDF 44.04.390Code of conductTraining for registered lobbyists.
HTMLPDF 44.04.400Rosa Franklin legislative internship program scholarship.
HTMLPDF 44.04.405Rosa Franklin legislative internship program scholarshipGifts, grants, conveyances, bequests, devisesExpendituresJoint rules.
HTMLPDF 44.04.410Rosa Franklin legislative internship program scholarship account.


Cashing checks, drafts, and state warrants for state officers and employees: RCW 43.08.180.
Development of methods and protocols for measuring educational costs: RCW 43.41.415.
Eligibility of member of legislature to appointment or election to office of official whose salary was increased during legislator's term: RCW 3.58.010.
Emoluments of office for appointees to office of state legislator: RCW 43.03.015.
Studies and adoption of classifications for school district budgetsPublication: RCW 28A.300.060.