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Capital projectsTransfer of excess appropriation authority.

(1) The capital appropriations act may authorize the governor, through the director of financial management, to transfer the appropriation authority for a capital project that is in excess of the amount required for the completion of the project to another capital project for which the appropriation is insufficient.
(a) No such transfer may be used to expand the capacity or change the intended use of the project beyond that intended by the legislature in making the appropriation.
(b) The transfer may be effected only between capital projects within a specific department, commission, agency, or institution of higher education.
(c) The transfer may be effected only if the project from which the transfer of funds is made is substantially complete and there are funds remaining, or bids have been let on the project from which the transfer of funds is made and it appears to a substantial certainty that the project can be completed within the biennium for less than the amount appropriated.
(2) For the purposes of this section, the legislature intends that each project be defined as proposed to the legislature in the governor's budget document, unless the legislative history demonstrates that the legislature intended to define the scope of a project in a different way.
(3) The office of financial management shall notify the legislative fiscal committees of the senate and the house of representatives at least thirty days before any transfer is effected under this section except emergency projects or any transfer under two hundred fifty thousand dollars, and shall prepare a report to such committees listing all completed transfers at the close of each fiscal year.


Finding1994 c 219: See note following RCW 43.88.030.
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