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Advisory committee on permanent supportive housing.

(1) An advisory committee on permanent supportive housing is established with members as provided in this section.
(a) One representative of the aging and long-term support administration at the department of social and health services;
(b) One representative of the health care authority;
(c) One representative of the developmental disabilities administration;
(d) One representative from a city that invests resources in permanent supportive housing;
(e) One representative from a city with the largest number of chronically homeless households;
(f) One representative from a county that invests resources in permanent supportive housing;
(g) One representative from a county with the largest number of chronically homeless households;
(h) One representative of public housing authorities as created under chapter 35.82 RCW;
(i) One permanent supportive housing service provider;
(j) One permanent supportive housing developer;
(k) One permanent supportive housing building operator;
(l) One permanent supportive housing resident;
(m) One permanent supportive housing researcher;
(n) One permanent supportive housing advocate;
(o) One representative from the behavioral health sector;
(p) One representative of the health care sector; and
(q) One representative of each of the following permanent supportive housing populations:
(i) Single adults;
(ii) Older adults over age 55;
(iii) Families with children;
(iv) The American Indian and Alaska Native community;
(v) Communities of color;
(vi) The LGBTQIA+ community;
(vii) The intellectual and developmental disability community;
(viii) The mental health disability community;
(ix) The substance use disorder community; and
(x) The physical disability community.
(2)(a) The members of the advisory committee shall be appointed by the director. Members must reflect the geographic, racial, and ethnic diversity of the state of Washington and be inclusive of historically marginalized communities.
(b) The members of the advisory committee must be reimbursed for travel expenses as provided in RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060.
(3) The advisory committee shall:
(a) Select a chair from among its membership;
(b) Meet quarterly;
(c) Provide guidance and recommendations on the administration of permanent supportive housing resources managed by the department, including recommendations to ensure alignment of capital, services, and operating investments and fidelity with the provision of permanent supportive housing as defined in RCW 36.70A.030; and
(d) Until December 31, 2027, report its recommendations to enhance the coordination and availability of permanent supportive housing to the appropriate committees of the legislature and the governor by December 1st of each year.
(4) The director and the director of the office of supportive housing shall regularly consult with the advisory committee. The department shall convene the advisory committee for its initial meeting no later than November 1, 2022. The advisory committee shall be staffed by the department.


FindingsIntent2022 c 266: "The legislature recognizes permanent supportive housing as an evidence-based practice to ending the cycle of chronic homelessness and creating affordable housing for people living with behavioral health conditions, other disabling conditions, and extremely low incomes. The legislature finds that as greater investment has been allocated for permanent supportive housing capital, operations, maintenance, and services in order to meet the need in communities across the state, greater coordination of state and local resources is required to ensure these resources are being leveraged effectively so that the maximum number of high quality permanent supportive housing units are created each year. Therefore, the legislature intends to create a permanent supportive housing advisory committee to provide advice, recommendations, and stakeholder engagement of resource coordination to bring high quality permanent supportive housing to scale as efficiently as possible and to add a permanent supportive housing representative to the affordable housing advisory board." [ 2022 c 266 § 1.]
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