Chapter 43.320 RCW



43.320.007Regulatory reformFindingsConstruction1994 c 256.
43.320.010Department created.
43.320.011Department of general administration and department of licensing powers and duties transferred.
43.320.017Collective bargaining agreements.
43.320.020DirectorSalaryPowers and dutiesExaminers, assistants, personnel.
43.320.030DirectorQualificationsConflicts of interest.
43.320.040Director's authority to adopt rules.
43.320.045Director's dutiesDissemination of information.
43.320.050Assistant directorsDivisions"FDIC" defined.
43.320.060Deputization of assistant to exercise powers and duties of director.
43.320.070Oath of examinersLiability for acts performed in good faith.
43.320.080Director to maintain office in OlympiaRecord of receipts and disbursementsDeposit of funds.
43.320.090Borrowing money by director, deputy, or employeePenalty.
43.320.100Annual reportContents.
43.320.110Financial services regulation fund.
43.320.115Securities prosecution fund.
43.320.140Mortgage lending fraud prosecution accountCreated.
43.320.150Financial literacy and education programs.
43.320.1501Financial literacyReport to governor and legislature.
43.320.180Review of retirement account products proposed for inclusion in the Washington small business retirement marketplace.
43.320.900Effective date1993 c 472.