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The department shall:
(1) Collect, compile, publish, and disseminate statistics and information relating to mining, milling, and metallurgy;
(2) Make special studies of the mineral resources and industries of the state;
(3) Collect and assemble an exhibit of mineral specimens, both metallic and nonmetallic, especially those of economic and commercial importance; such collection to constitute the museum of mining and mineral development;
(4) Collect and assemble a library pertaining to mining, milling, and metallurgy of books, reports, drawings, tracings, and maps and other information relating to the mineral industry and the arts and sciences of mining and metallurgy;
(5) Make a collection of models, drawings, and descriptions of the mechanical appliances used in mining and metallurgical processes;
(6) Issue bulletins and reports with illustrations and maps with detailed description of the natural mineral resources of the state;
(7) Preserve and maintain such collections and library open to the public for reference and examination and maintain a bureau of general information concerning the mineral and mining industry of the state, and issue from time to time at cost of publication and distribution such bulletins as may be deemed advisable relating to the statistics and technology of minerals and the mining industry;
(8) Make determinative examinations of ores and minerals, and consider other scientific and economical problems relating to mining and metallurgy;
(9) Cooperate with all departments of the state government, state educational institutions, the United States geological survey, and the United States bureau of mines. All departments of the state government and educational institutions shall render full cooperation to the department in compiling useful and scientific information relating to the mineral industry within and without the state, without cost to the department.


Intent2003 c 334: See note following RCW 79.02.010.
Mining survey reports forwarded to: RCW 78.06.030.
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