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Placement of children ages sixty months through six years.

For children ages sixty months through six years, the child's school enrollment status may not be used as a reason to require the child be placed within a specific mixed-age group. Nothing in this section changes or requires the department to change the staff-to-child ratio requirements for mixed-age groups that include children who are ages thirty months through six years.
[ 2016 c 169 § 2. Formerly RCW 43.215.564.]


FindingIntent2016 c 169: "(1) The legislature recognizes that the high cost of quality child care places a heavy burden on Washington's poorest families. The legislature further acknowledges the administrative burden unnecessary regulations place on child care providers and the families they serve. The legislature finds that under current rule, child care providers may not serve five year olds attending school in the same group as five year olds not attending school.
(2) The legislature intends to allow child care centers to serve kindergartners in a mixed group or classroom without having to go through a waiver process. The legislature further intends to streamline the delivery of services to children while continuing to protect their safety and well-being." [ 2016 c 169 § 1.]
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