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Adjudicative proceedingsTraining for administrative law judges.

(1) The office of administrative hearings shall not assign nor allow an administrative law judge to preside over an adjudicative hearing regarding denial, modification, suspension, or revocation of any license to provide child care under this chapter, unless such judge has received training related to state and federal laws and department policies and procedures regarding:
(a) Child abuse, neglect, and maltreatment;
(b) Child protective services investigations and standards;
(c) Licensing activities and standards;
(d) Child development; and
(e) Parenting skills.
(2) The office of administrative hearings shall develop and implement a training program that carries out the requirements of this section. The office of administrative hearings shall consult and coordinate with the department in developing the training program. The department may assist the office of administrative hearings in developing and providing training to administrative law judges.
[ 2006 c 265 § 312. Formerly RCW 43.215.310.]
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