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Chapter 43.105 RCW



HTMLPDF 43.105.006Consolidated technology services agencyPurpose.
HTMLPDF 43.105.007Purpose.
HTMLPDF 43.105.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 43.105.025Agency createdAppointment of directorDirector's duties.
HTMLPDF 43.105.052Powers and duties of agency.
HTMLPDF 43.105.054Governing information technologyStandards and policiesPowers and duties of office.
HTMLPDF 43.105.057Rule-making authority.
HTMLPDF 43.105.060Contracts by state and local agencies with agency.
HTMLPDF 43.105.111Performance targetsPlans for achieving goalsQuarterly reports to governor.
HTMLPDF 43.105.205Office of the state chief information officerCreatedPowers, duties, and functions.
HTMLPDF 43.105.220Strategic information technology planBiennial performance reports.
HTMLPDF 43.105.225Managing information technology as a statewide portfolio.
HTMLPDF 43.105.230State agency information technology portfolioBasis for decisions and plans.
HTMLPDF 43.105.235State agency information technology portfolioExemptions.
HTMLPDF 43.105.240Evaluation of agency information technology spending and budget requests.
HTMLPDF 43.105.245Planning, implementation, and evaluation of major projectsStandards and policies.
HTMLPDF 43.105.255Major technology projects and servicesApproval.
HTMLPDF 43.105.265Enterprise-based strategy for information technologyUse of ongoing enterprise architecture program.
HTMLPDF 43.105.285Technology services boardCreatedComposition.
HTMLPDF 43.105.287Technology services boardPowers and duties.
HTMLPDF 43.105.291Technology services board security subcommittee.
HTMLPDF 43.105.331State interoperability executive committeeCompositionResponsibilities.
HTMLPDF 43.105.341Information technology portfolios.
HTMLPDF 43.105.342Consolidated technology services revolving accountIndependent technical and financial analysis of proposed projects by the board.
HTMLPDF 43.105.351Electronic access to public recordsFindingsIntent.
HTMLPDF 43.105.355Electronic access to public recordsCosts and fees.
HTMLPDF 43.105.359Electronic access to public recordsGovernment information locator service pilot project.
HTMLPDF 43.105.365Accuracy, integrity, and privacy of records and information.
HTMLPDF 43.105.369Office of privacy and data protection.
HTMLPDF 43.105.375Use of state data center or commercial cloud computing servicesExceptions.
HTMLPDF 43.105.385Agency as central service provider for state agencies.
HTMLPDF 43.105.450Office of cybersecurityState chief information security officerState agency information technology security.
HTMLPDF 43.105.460Office of cybersecurityCatalog of services and functionsReport.
HTMLPDF 43.105.470Office of cybersecurityMajor cybersecurity incidentsReporting duties.
HTMLPDF 43.105.825K-20 networkOversightCoordination of telecommunications planning.
HTMLPDF 43.105.904Actions of telecommunications oversight and policy committeeSavings1999 c 285.
HTMLPDF 43.105.905Construction2008 c 262.
HTMLPDF 43.105.906Conflict with federal requirements2009 c 509.
HTMLPDF 43.105.907Transfer of certain powers, duties, and functions of the department of information services.