Chapter 43.101 RCW



HTMLPDF 43.101.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 43.101.020Commission createdPurpose.
HTMLPDF 43.101.021Policy.
HTMLPDF 43.101.030Membership.
HTMLPDF 43.101.040Terms of membersVacancies.
HTMLPDF 43.101.050Cessation of membership upon termination of office or employment.
HTMLPDF 43.101.060Chair and vice chairQuorumMeetings.
HTMLPDF 43.101.070CompensationReimbursement of travel expenses.
HTMLPDF 43.101.080Commission powers and dutiesRules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 43.101.085Additional powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 43.101.095Peace and corrections officer certificationBackground investigation.
HTMLPDF 43.101.105Denial, suspension, or revocation of peace and corrections officer certification.
HTMLPDF 43.101.115Denial or revocation of peace or corrections officer certificationReadmission to academyReinstatement.
HTMLPDF 43.101.121Denial or revocation of certificationSubsequent certification as corrections officer or peace officer.
HTMLPDF 43.101.125Lapsed peace officer certificationReinstatementRules.
HTMLPDF 43.101.126Lapsed corrections officer certificationReinstatementRules.
HTMLPDF 43.101.135Separation of peace or corrections officerNotification to commissionInvestigationCivil penalty.
HTMLPDF 43.101.145Written complaint to deny, suspend, or revoke peace or corrections officer certificationImmunity of complainant.
HTMLPDF 43.101.155Denial, suspension, or revocation of peace or corrections officer certificationStatement of chargesNoticeHearing.
HTMLPDF 43.101.157Tribal police officer certification.
HTMLPDF 43.101.170Training and education obtained at approved existing institutions.
HTMLPDF 43.101.190Grants, funds, or giftsAdministrationUtilization of federal funds.
HTMLPDF 43.101.200Law enforcement personnelBasic law enforcement training requiredCommission to provide.
HTMLPDF 43.101.205Training on interaction with persons with substance use disorders.
HTMLPDF 43.101.220Training for corrections personnel.
HTMLPDF 43.101.221Training for corrections personnelCore training requirements.
HTMLPDF 43.101.222Training for students enrolled at institutions of higher education.
HTMLPDF 43.101.224Training for persons investigating child sexual abuse.
HTMLPDF 43.101.225Training on vehicular pursuits.
HTMLPDF 43.101.227Training for interaction with persons with a developmental disability or mental illness.
HTMLPDF 43.101.230Training for tribal police officers and employees authorizedConditions.
HTMLPDF 43.101.240Community-police partnership.
HTMLPDF 43.101.250Firearms certificate program for *private detectives.
HTMLPDF 43.101.260Firearms certificate program for security guards.
HTMLPDF 43.101.270Sexual assaultTraining for investigating and prosecuting.
HTMLPDF 43.101.272Sexual assault and gender-based violenceTraining for persons investigating.
HTMLPDF 43.101.273Sexual assaultTraining for persons prosecuting.
HTMLPDF 43.101.274Sexual assaultTraining curriculum modification.
HTMLPDF 43.101.276Gender-based violenceSexual assaultTraining curriculum requirements.
HTMLPDF 43.101.278Sexual assaultDevelopment of proposal for case review program.
HTMLPDF 43.101.279Sexual assaultStatewide resource prosecutor grant program.
HTMLPDF 43.101.280Ethnic and cultural diversityDevelopment of curriculum for understandingTraining.
HTMLPDF 43.101.290Training regarding hate crime offenses.
HTMLPDF 43.101.300Juvenile runawaysPolicy manual.
HTMLPDF 43.101.350Core training requirements.
HTMLPDF 43.101.360Report to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 43.101.365Child abuse and neglectDevelopment of curriculum.
HTMLPDF 43.101.370Child abuse and neglectIntensive training.
HTMLPDF 43.101.380HearingsPanel membershipStandard of proofAppealsJudicial review.
HTMLPDF 43.101.390Immunity of commission.
HTMLPDF 43.101.400Confidentiality of recordsPublic database.
HTMLPDF 43.101.410Racial profilingPoliciesTrainingComplaint review processData collection and reporting.
HTMLPDF 43.101.415Racial profilingReports to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 43.101.419Motorcycle profiling.
HTMLPDF 43.101.420Personal crisis recognition and crisis intervention servicesTraining.
HTMLPDF 43.101.425Communications to crisis referral servicesConfidentiality of communications and records.
HTMLPDF 43.101.427Crisis intervention trainingRules.
HTMLPDF 43.101.428Domestic violence investigation training.
HTMLPDF 43.101.430Criminal justice training commission firing range maintenance account.
HTMLPDF 43.101.435Washington internet crimes against children account.
HTMLPDF 43.101.440Testimony of children under age fourteenRemote testimonyNumber of child sexual abuse cases referred for prosecution and number prosecutedAnnual surveyReports to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 43.101.450Violence de-escalation training.
HTMLPDF 43.101.452Mental health training.
HTMLPDF 43.101.455Violence de-escalation and mental health trainingAdoption of rulesTraining requirements.
HTMLPDF 43.101.460AuditsDeadly force investigations.
HTMLPDF 43.101.465AuditsLaw enforcement agency training and certification requirements.
HTMLPDF 43.101.470AuditsCosts and fees.
HTMLPDF 43.101.480Medicolegal forensic investigation training required for coroners and medical examinersExceptions.
HTMLPDF 43.101.490Basic training.
HTMLPDF 43.101.495Written model policyDuty to intervene.
HTMLPDF 43.101.500Trial skills training for prosecutors.
HTMLPDF 43.101.505Law student rural public prosecution program.
HTMLPDF 43.101.515Training programFirst responder peer supporters.
HTMLPDF 43.101.520Training programMental health and substance use disorder professionals treating first responders.
HTMLPDF 43.101.525First responder peer support networkProfessional directory.
HTMLPDF 43.101.530First responder peer support services programsGrants.
HTMLPDF 43.101.801Development of policies, procedures, and rules2021 c 323.
HTMLPDF 43.101.802Task force on first responder wellness.
HTMLPDF 43.101.803Model standards for canine fentanyl detection.
HTMLPDF 43.101.901Transfer of conference center.
HTMLPDF 43.101.902Effective date2001 c 167.