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Daily remittance of moneys to treasuryUndistributed receipts accountUse.

Each state officer or other person, other than county treasurer, who is authorized by law to collect or receive moneys which are required by statute to be deposited in the state treasury shall transmit to the state treasurer each day, all such moneys collected by him or her on the preceding day: PROVIDED, That the state treasurer may in his or her discretion grant exceptions where such daily transfers would not be administratively practical or feasible. In the event that remittances are not accompanied by a statement designating source and fund, the state treasurer shall deposit these moneys in an account hereby created in the state treasury to be known as the undistributed receipts account. These moneys shall be retained in the account until such time as the transmitting agency provides a statement in duplicate of the source from which each item of money was derived and the fund into which it is to be transmitted. The director of financial management in accordance with RCW 43.88.160 shall promulgate regulations designed to assure orderly and efficient administration of this account. In the event moneys are deposited in this account that constitute overpayments, refunds may be made by the remitting agency without virtue of a legislative appropriation.
[ 2009 c 549 § 5002; 1985 c 57 § 26; 1981 2nd ex.s. c 4 § 5; 1979 c 151 § 80; 1967 c 212 § 1; 1965 c 8 § 43.01.050. Prior: 1909 c 133 § 1, part; 1907 c 96 § 1, part; RRS § 5501, part.]


Effective date1985 c 57: See note following RCW 18.04.105.
Severability1981 2nd ex.s. c 4: See note following RCW 43.30.325.
Commissioner of public lands and department of natural resources, deposit of funds: RCW 43.30.325.
State depositaries: Chapter 43.85 RCW.
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