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Explanatory pamphletAdvisory model rulesConsultation and training services.

(1) The attorney general's office shall publish, and update when appropriate, a pamphlet, written in plain language, explaining this chapter.
(2) The attorney general, by February 1, 2006, shall adopt by rule advisory model rules for state and local agencies, as defined in RCW 42.56.010, addressing the following subjects:
(a) Providing fullest assistance to requestors;
(b) Fulfilling large requests in the most efficient manner;
(c) Fulfilling requests for electronic records; and
(d) Any other issues pertaining to public disclosure as determined by the attorney general.
(3) The attorney general, in his or her discretion, may from time to time revise the model rules.
(4) Local agencies should consult the advisory model rules when establishing local ordinances for compliance with the requirements and responsibilities of this chapter.
(5) The attorney general must establish a consultation program to provide information for developing best practices for local agencies requesting assistance in compliance with this chapter including, but not limited to: Responding to records requests, seeking additional public and private resources for developing and updating technology information services, and mitigating liability and costs of compliance. The attorney general may develop the program in conjunction with the advisory model rule and may collaborate with the chief information officer, the state archivist, and other relevant agencies and organizations in developing and managing the program.
(6) The state archivist must offer and provide consultation and training services for local agencies on improving record retention practices.
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