Chapter 42.30 RCW



HTMLPDF 42.30.010Legislative declaration.
HTMLPDF 42.30.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 42.30.030Meetings declared open and public.
HTMLPDF 42.30.035Minutes.
HTMLPDF 42.30.040Conditions to attendance not to be required.
HTMLPDF 42.30.050InterruptionsProcedure.
HTMLPDF 42.30.060Ordinances, rules, resolutions, regulations, etc., adopted at public meetingsNoticeSecret voting prohibited.
HTMLPDF 42.30.070Times and places for meetingsEmergenciesException.
HTMLPDF 42.30.075Schedule of regular meetingsPublication in state registerNotice of change"Regular" meetings defined.
HTMLPDF 42.30.077Agendas of regular meetingsOnline availability.
HTMLPDF 42.30.080Special meetings.
HTMLPDF 42.30.090Adjournments.
HTMLPDF 42.30.100Continuances.
HTMLPDF 42.30.110Executive sessions.
HTMLPDF 42.30.120ViolationsPersonal liabilityCivil penaltyAttorneys' fees and costs.
HTMLPDF 42.30.130ViolationsMandamus or injunction.
HTMLPDF 42.30.140Chapter controllingApplication.
HTMLPDF 42.30.200Governing body of recognized student association at college or universityChapter applicability to.
HTMLPDF 42.30.205Training.
HTMLPDF 42.30.210Assistance by attorney general.
HTMLPDF 42.30.220Recording or online streaming by agency encouraged.
HTMLPDF 42.30.230Declared emergenciesRemote meetingLimits on physical attendance.
HTMLPDF 42.30.240Public comment.
HTMLPDF 42.30.900Short title.
HTMLPDF 42.30.910Construction1971 ex.s. c 250.


Drug reimbursement policy recommendations: RCW 74.09.653.