Chapter 42.20 RCW



HTMLPDF 42.20.020Powers may not be delegated for profit.
HTMLPDF 42.20.030Intrusion into and refusal to surrender public office.
HTMLPDF 42.20.040False report.
HTMLPDF 42.20.050Public officer making false certificate.
HTMLPDF 42.20.060Falsely auditing and paying claims.
HTMLPDF 42.20.070Misappropriation and falsification of accounts by public officer.
HTMLPDF 42.20.080Other violations by officers.
HTMLPDF 42.20.090Misappropriation, etc., by treasurer.
HTMLPDF 42.20.100Failure of duty by public officer a misdemeanor.
HTMLPDF 42.20.110Improper conduct by certain justices.


Bidding offenses: Chapter 9.18 RCW.
Bribery or corrupt solicitation prohibited: State Constitution Art. 2 § 30.
optional municipal code, council-manager plan, forfeiture of office for misconduct: RCW 35A.13.020.
optional municipal code, mayor-council plan, forfeiture of office for misconduct: RCW 35A.12.060.
Cities and towns, commission form, misconduct of officers and employees: RCW 35.17.150.
County officers, misconduct: RCW 36.18.160, 36.18.170.
County treasurer, suspension for misconduct: RCW 36.29.090.
Election officials, misconduct: Chapter 29A.84 RCW.
Flood control district officers, interest in contracts prohibited: RCW 86.09.286.
Forfeiture of office upon conviction of felony or malfeasance: RCW 9.92.120.
Free transportation for public officers prohibited: State Constitution Art. 2 § 39, Art. 12 § 20.
Impersonating public officer: RCW 9A.60.045.
Juries, misconduct of public officers concerning: Chapter 9.51 RCW.
Militia, misconduct: Chapter 38.32 RCW.
Official misconduct: RCW 9A.80.010.
Penitentiary employees, misconduct: RCW 72.01.060.
Private use of public funds, penalty: State Constitution Art. 11 § 14.
School funds, failure to turn over: RCW 28A.635.070.
School officials
disclosing examination questions: RCW 28A.635.040.
grafting: RCW 28A.635.050.
School teachers
failure to display flag: RCW 28A.230.140.
failure to enforce rules: RCW 28A.405.060.
revocation or suspension of certificate or permit to teachinvestigation by superintendent of public instructionmandatory revocation for crimes against children: RCW 28A.410.090.
State and judicial officers, impeachment: State Constitution Art. 5.
State treasurer, embezzlement: RCW 43.08.140.
Utilities and transportation commission members and employees, interest in regulated companies prohibited: RCW 80.01.020.