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Elected officials, executive state officers, candidates, and appointeesStatement of financial affairs.

*** CHANGE IN 2024 *** (SEE 5857-S.SL) ***
(1) After January 1st and before April 15th of each year, every elected official and every executive state officer who served for any portion of the preceding year shall electronically file with the commission a statement of financial affairs for the preceding calendar year or for that portion of the year served. Any official or officer in office for any period of time in a calendar year, but not in office as of January 1st of the following year, may electronically file either within sixty days of leaving office or during the January 1st through April 15th reporting period of that following year. Such filing must include information for the portion of the current calendar year for which the official or officer was in office.
(2) Within two weeks of becoming a candidate, every candidate shall file with the commission a statement of financial affairs for the preceding twelve months.
(3) Within two weeks of appointment, every person appointed to a vacancy in an elective office or executive state officer position during the months of January through November shall file with the commission a statement of financial affairs for the preceding twelve months, except as provided in subsection (4) of this section. For appointments made in December, the appointee must file the statement of financial affairs between January 1st and January 15th of the immediate following year for the preceding twelve-month period ending on December 31st.
(4) A statement of a candidate or appointee filed during the period from January 1st to April 15th shall cover the period from January 1st of the preceding calendar year to the time of candidacy or appointment if the filing of the statement would relieve the individual of a prior obligation to file a statement covering the entire preceding calendar year.
(5) No individual may be required to file more than once in any calendar year.
(6) Each statement of financial affairs filed under this section shall be sworn as to its truth and accuracy.
(7) Every elected official and every executive state officer shall file with their statement of financial affairs a statement certifying that they have read and are familiar with RCW 42.17A.555 or 42.52.180, whichever is applicable.
(8) For the purposes of this section, the term "executive state officer" includes those listed in RCW 42.17A.705.
(9) This section does not apply to incumbents or candidates for a federal office or the office of precinct committee officer.
[ 2019 c 428 § 35; 2010 c 204 § 901; 1995 c 397 § 8; 1993 c 2 § 31 (Initiative Measure No. 134, approved November 3, 1992); 1989 c 158 § 1; 1987 c 295 § 19. Prior: 1984 c 125 § 14; 1984 c 34 § 1; 1983 c 161 § 27; 1982 c 10 § 9; prior: 1981 c 311 § 20; 1981 c 67 § 15; 1979 ex.s. c 265 § 3; 1979 c 151 § 73; prior: 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 112 § 7; 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 104 § 1 (Ref. Bill No. 36); 1975 1st ex.s. c 294 § 13; 1973 c 1 § 24 (Initiative Measure No. 276, approved November 7, 1972). Formerly RCW 42.17.240.]


Effective date2019 c 428 §§ 35 and 36: "Sections 35 and 36 of this act take effect January 1, 2020." [ 2019 c 428 § 43.]
FindingIntent2019 c 428: See note following RCW 42.17A.160.
Effective dates1983 c 161: See RCW 43.180.904.
Severability1982 c 10: See note following RCW 6.13.080.
Effective datesSeverability1981 c 67: See notes following RCW 34.12.010.
Cemetery district commissioners exempt from chapter: RCW 68.52.140, 68.52.220.
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