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Attribution of contributions generally"Earmarking." (Effective until January 1, 2026. Recodified as RCW 29B.40.160.)

All contributions made by a person or entity, either directly or indirectly, to a candidate, to a state official against whom recall charges have been filed, or to a political committee, are considered to be contributions from that person or entity to the candidate, state official, or political committee, as are contributions that are in any way earmarked or otherwise directed through an intermediary or conduit to the candidate, state official, or political committee. For the purposes of this section, "earmarked" means a designation, instruction, or encumbrance, whether direct or indirect, expressed or implied, or oral or written, that is intended to result in or does result in all or any part of a contribution being made to a certain candidate or state official. If a conduit or intermediary exercises any direction or control over the choice of the recipient candidate or state official, the contribution is considered to be by both the original contributor and the conduit or intermediary.
[ 1993 c 2 s 7 (Initiative Measure No. 134, approved November 3, 1992). Formerly RCW 42.17.670.]
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