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Filing and reporting by continuing political committee.

*** CHANGE IN 2024 *** (SEE 5857-S.SL) ***
(1) In addition to the provisions of this section, a continuing political committee shall file and report on the same conditions and at the same times as any other committee in accordance with the provisions of RCW 42.17A.205, 42.17A.210, and 42.17A.220.
(2) A continuing political committee shall file with the commission a report on the tenth day of each month detailing expenditures made and contributions received for the preceding calendar month. This report need only be filed if either the total contributions received or total expenditures made since the last such report exceed two hundred dollars. The report shall be on a form supplied by the commission and shall include the following information:
(a) The information required by RCW 42.17A.240;
(b) Each expenditure made to retire previously accumulated debts of the committee identified by recipient, amount, and date of payments;
(c) Other information the commission shall prescribe by rule.
(3) If a continuing political committee makes a contribution in support of or in opposition to a candidate or ballot proposition within sixty days before the date that the candidate or ballot proposition will be voted upon, the committee shall report pursuant to RCW 42.17A.235.
(4)(a) A continuing political committee shall file reports as required by this chapter until the committee has ceased to function and intends to dissolve, at which time, when there is no outstanding debt or obligation and the committee is concluded in all respects, a final report shall be filed. Upon submitting a final report, the continuing political committee so intending to dissolve must file notice of intent to dissolve with the commission and the commission must post the notice on its website.
(b) The continuing political committee may dissolve sixty days after it files its notice to dissolve, only if:
(i) The continuing political committee does not make any expenditures other than those related to the dissolution process or engage in any political activity or any other activities that generate additional reporting requirements under this chapter after filing such notice;
(ii) No complaint or court action, pursuant to this chapter, is pending against the continuing political committee; and
(iii) All penalties assessed by the commission or court order have been paid by the continuing political committee.
(c) The continuing political committee must continue to report regularly as required under this chapter until all the conditions under (b) of this subsection are resolved.
(d) Upon dissolution, the commission must issue an acknowledgment of dissolution, the duties of the treasurer shall cease, and there shall be no further obligations under this chapter. Dissolution does not absolve the candidate or board of the committee from responsibility for any future obligations resulting from the finding after dissolution of a violation committed prior to dissolution.
(5) The treasurer shall maintain books of account, current within five business days, that accurately reflect all contributions and expenditures. During the ten calendar days immediately preceding the date of any election that the committee has received any contributions or made any expenditures, the books of account shall be kept current within one business day and shall be open for public inspection in the same manner as provided for candidates and other political committees in RCW 42.17A.235(6).
(6) All reports filed pursuant to this section shall be certified as correct by the treasurer.
(7) The treasurer shall preserve books of account, bills, receipts, and all other financial records of the campaign or political committee for not less than five calendar years following the year during which the transaction occurred.


Effective dateFindingIntent2019 c 428: See notes following RCW 42.17A.160.
FindingIntent2018 c 304: See note following RCW 42.17A.235.
Effective date1989 c 280: See note following RCW 42.17A.005.
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