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Employee suggestion programAmount and payment of awardTransfer of funds to general fund.

(1) Cash awards for suggestions generating net savings, revenue, or both to the state shall be determined by the board, or the board's designee, based on the payment award scale. No award may be granted in excess of ten thousand dollars or 10 percent of the actual net savings and/or revenue generated, whichever amount is less. Savings, revenue, or both, shall be calculated for the first year of implementation.
(2) The board shall establish guidelines for making cash awards for suggestions for which benefits to the state are intangible or for which benefits cannot be calculated.
(3) Funds for the awards shall be drawn from the appropriation of the agency benefiting from the employee's suggestion. If the suggestion reduces costs to a nonappropriated fund or reduces costs paid without appropriation from a nonappropriated portion of an appropriated fund, an award may be paid from the benefiting fund or account without appropriation.
(4) Awards may be paid to state employees for suggestions which generate new or additional money for the general fund or any other funds of the state. The director of financial management shall distribute moneys appropriated for this purpose with the concurrence of the productivity board. Transfers shall be made from other funds of the state to the general fund, in amounts equal to award payments made by the general fund, for suggestions generating new or additional money for those other funds.


Effective date1989 c 56: "This act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety, or support of the state government and its existing public institutions, and shall take effect July 1, 1989." [ 1989 c 56 s 7.]
Effective date1985 c 114: See note following RCW 41.60.015.
Severability1982 c 167: See note following RCW 41.60.015.
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