Chapter 41.44 RCW



41.44.010Title of chapter.
41.44.020Purpose of chapter.
41.44.030Terms defined.
41.44.040System createdOperative date.
41.44.050Election to participate.
41.44.060Persons excluded.
41.44.070Board of trustees.
41.44.080Powers and duties of boardCompensationLiability.
41.44.090Contributions by citiesWithdrawal from system.
41.44.100Retirement fundDepositInvestmentCost.
41.44.105Supplemental benefits fund.
41.44.120Prior service credit.
41.44.130Contributions by employees.
41.44.140Retirement for service.
41.44.150Allowance on retirement for service.
41.44.160Retirement for disability.
41.44.170Allowance on retirement for disability.
41.44.180Examination of disability beneficiaryReentry.
41.44.190Withdrawal from systemReentryPayment on death of member.
41.44.200WithdrawalProcedure as to city's contribution.
41.44.210Benefit on death in line of duty.
41.44.220Optional allowance on retirement.
41.44.230Monthly payments.
41.44.240Rights immune from legal processExceptions.
41.44.250Suspension of retirement allowance.
41.44.260Merger of existing or new systems into statewide systemContract.
41.44.270Agreements between board and cities which accept social security act benefits.
41.44.300System abolishedDateTransfer of assets, liabilities, and responsibilities.
41.44.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Portability of public retirement benefits: Chapter 41.54 RCW.