Chapter 41.40 RCW



HTMLPDF 41.40.005Provisions applicable to "plan 1," "plan 2," and "plan 3."
HTMLPDF 41.40.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 41.40.015ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
HTMLPDF 41.40.020System createdAdministration.
HTMLPDF 41.40.023Membership.
HTMLPDF 41.40.025Membership in systemCharter school employers and employees.
HTMLPDF 41.40.028Nonelective position employees employed for at least nine monthsDeemed in eligible position, when.
HTMLPDF 41.40.034Purchase of additional service creditCostsRules.
HTMLPDF 41.40.035Service credit prohibited for certain members of committees, boards, and commissions and for certain appointive and elective officials.
HTMLPDF 41.40.037Service by retireesBreak in employment requirementReduction of retirement allowance upon reemploymentReestablishment of membership.
HTMLPDF 41.40.038Duty disability retirement recipientsContinued service credit.
HTMLPDF 41.40.042Members agree to deductions.
HTMLPDF 41.40.048Employer's contributionComputationBilling.
HTMLPDF 41.40.052Exemption from taxation and judicial processExceptionsAssignabilityDeductions authorized.
HTMLPDF 41.40.054Disability retirementCriminal conduct.
HTMLPDF 41.40.055Penalty for false statements.
HTMLPDF 41.40.056Establishment of service creditFormer employeesEmployers admitted before July 23, 1995.
HTMLPDF 41.40.057Establishment of service creditCurrent and former employeesEmployers admitted after July 23, 1995.
HTMLPDF 41.40.058Transfer of service credit from statewide city employees' retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.40.059Credit for service in Seattle's police relief and pension fund system.
HTMLPDF 41.40.061Credit for service in Seattle's police relief and pension fund systemTerms and conditions.
HTMLPDF 41.40.062Optional entry of system by political subdivisions or associations of political subdivisionsProcedureSchool districts declared employers and eligible employees members of systemException.
HTMLPDF 41.40.068Hearing prior to appealRequiredNotice.
HTMLPDF 41.40.073Hearing prior to appealConduct of hearing.
HTMLPDF 41.40.078Judicial review in accordance with administrative procedure act.
HTMLPDF 41.40.082AppealNo bond required.
HTMLPDF 41.40.088Education employmentService creditComputation.
HTMLPDF 41.40.092Transfer of cadet service credit to Washington state patrol retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.40.0931Death benefitCourse of employment as a police officerOccupational disease or infection.
HTMLPDF 41.40.0932Death benefitCourse of employmentOccupational disease or infection.
HTMLPDF 41.40.095Transfer of membership from judicial retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.40.096Law enforcement officersDual membershipPlan 1 exception.
HTMLPDF 41.40.098Transfer of former service from judicial retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.40.102Effect of certain accumulated vacation leave on retirement benefits.
HTMLPDF 41.40.103Benefit calculationLimitation.
HTMLPDF 41.40.104Establishing, restoring service credit.
HTMLPDF 41.40.1041Prior service for plan 2 or 3 membersOne-half service credit.
HTMLPDF 41.40.105Chapter not applicable to officers and employees of state convention and trade center.
HTMLPDF 41.40.108Higher education classified employeesMembership in the public employees' retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.40.109Retirement system employerTermination of status.
HTMLPDF 41.40.111Retirement system employerUnit of government.
HTMLPDF 41.40.113Public safety employees' retirement systemElectionMembership.
HTMLPDF 41.40.124Discontinuing judicial retirement account plan contributionsAdditional benefitOne-time irrevocable electionJustices and judges.
HTMLPDF 41.40.127Additional benefit for district or municipal court judgesOne-time irrevocable election.
HTMLPDF 41.40.129Emergency medical services employee of a consortium of local governmentsCredit for service prior to July 27, 2003.
HTMLPDF 41.40.131Purchase of life annuity benefit.
"PLAN 1"
HTMLPDF 41.40.145Provisions applicable to plan 1.
HTMLPDF 41.40.150Termination of membershipRestoration of service credit.
HTMLPDF 41.40.160Creditable service.
HTMLPDF 41.40.163Purchase of service creditService at Washington State University.
HTMLPDF 41.40.170Credit for military service.
HTMLPDF 41.40.175Service credit for paid leave of absenceApplication to elected officials of labor organizations.
HTMLPDF 41.40.180RetirementLength of service.
HTMLPDF 41.40.183Annual increase amountLegislature's rights reservedNo additional increases after June 30, 2011.
HTMLPDF 41.40.185Retirement allowancesMembers retiring after February 25, 1972.
HTMLPDF 41.40.188Retirement allowanceOptionsRetirement allowance adjustmentCourt-approved property settlement.
HTMLPDF 41.40.189Retirement allowanceAdjustment eligibility.
HTMLPDF 41.40.190Retirement allowanceIn lieu of allowance provided in RCW 41.40.185.
HTMLPDF 41.40.191Retirement allowanceMembers with thirty years of serviceIrrevocable election.
HTMLPDF 41.40.193Dates upon which retirement allowances accrue.
HTMLPDF 41.40.197Retirement allowanceAnnual increases restricted after July 1, 2010Eligibility.
HTMLPDF 41.40.1971Definition"Beneficiary."
HTMLPDF 41.40.1984Minimum retirement allowanceAnnual adjustmentPersons who become beneficiaries after June 30, 1995.
HTMLPDF 41.40.1985Permanent retirement allowance adjustment.
HTMLPDF 41.40.1986Permanent increase for specified beneficiaries age seventy or over.
HTMLPDF 41.40.1987Monthly benefit increase.
HTMLPDF 41.40.200Retirement for disability in line of dutyApplicability to certain judges.
HTMLPDF 41.40.210Duty disability retirement allowance for disability after age sixty.
HTMLPDF 41.40.220Allowance on retirement for duty disabilityBefore sixty.
HTMLPDF 41.40.230Nonduty disabilityApplicability to certain judges.
HTMLPDF 41.40.235Nonduty disability retirement allowanceAmountMaximumDeath benefit.
HTMLPDF 41.40.250Allowance on retirement for nonduty disabilityElection.
HTMLPDF 41.40.260Withdrawal from systemRefund of contributionsWaiver of allowance, when.
HTMLPDF 41.40.262Elected officialsRestoration of withdrawn contributions.
HTMLPDF 41.40.270Death before retirement or within sixty days following application for disability retirementMilitary servicePayment of contributions to nominee, surviving spouse, or legal representativeWaiver of payment, effectBenefits.
HTMLPDF 41.40.280Department may withhold refunds of contributions.
HTMLPDF 41.40.300Benefits offset by workers' compensation or similar benefits.
HTMLPDF 41.40.310Periodical examination of disability beneficiariesBenefits upon resumption of gainful employment.
HTMLPDF 41.40.320Disability beneficiaryRestoration to service.
HTMLPDF 41.40.330Contributions.
HTMLPDF 41.40.363Employer's contributionsLabor guild, association or organization.
HTMLPDF 41.40.404Justices or judges retirement allowanceIn lieu of RCW 41.40.185.
HTMLPDF 41.40.408District or municipal court judges retirement allowancesIn lieu of RCW 41.40.185.
"PLAN 2"
HTMLPDF 41.40.610Provisions applicable to plan 2.
HTMLPDF 41.40.620Computation of the retirement allowance.
HTMLPDF 41.40.625Lump sum retirement allowanceReentryConditions for reinstatement of service.
HTMLPDF 41.40.630Retirement for service.
HTMLPDF 41.40.633Member with terminal illnessRemoval from system.
HTMLPDF 41.40.640Post-retirement cost-of-living.
HTMLPDF 41.40.660Options for payment of retirement allowancesRetirement allowance adjustmentCourt-approved property settlement.
HTMLPDF 41.40.670Earned disability allowanceApplicability to certain judgesDisposition upon death of recipient.
HTMLPDF 41.40.680Application for and effective date of retirement allowances.
HTMLPDF 41.40.690Suspension of retirement allowance upon reemploymentExceptionsReinstatement.
HTMLPDF 41.40.700Death benefits.
HTMLPDF 41.40.710Service credit for paid leave of absence, officers of labor organizations, unpaid leave of absence, military service.
HTMLPDF 41.40.720Vested membership.
HTMLPDF 41.40.730Refund of contributions.
HTMLPDF 41.40.740Reentry.
HTMLPDF 41.40.748Commercial vehicle enforcement officersLimited optional transfer to Washington state patrol retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.40.749Certain commissioned officersLimited optional transfer to Washington state patrol retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.40.750Transfer of membership and service creditRestoration of contributions and service credit.
HTMLPDF 41.40.760End of participation in judicial retirement account planNewly elected or appointed judges or justices.
HTMLPDF 41.40.763End of participation in chapter 41.28 RCWNewly elected or appointed judges.
HTMLPDF 41.40.767Justices or judges retirement allowanceIn lieu of RCW 41.40.620.
HTMLPDF 41.40.770District or municipal court judges retirement allowanceIn lieu of RCW 41.40.620.
"PLAN 3"
HTMLPDF 41.40.780Provisions applicable to plan 3Plan 3 elements.
HTMLPDF 41.40.785Membership in plan 2 or plan 3Irrevocable choiceDefault.
HTMLPDF 41.40.787Right to waive benefitIrrevocable choice.
HTMLPDF 41.40.790Computation of retirement allowance.
HTMLPDF 41.40.795Transfer period and basisAdditional transfer payment.
HTMLPDF 41.40.798Higher education employeesOption to transfer to plan 3Limitation on supplemental benefits under RCW 28B.10.400.
HTMLPDF 41.40.801Application for and effective date of retirement allowances.
HTMLPDF 41.40.805Leaves of absenceMilitary service.
HTMLPDF 41.40.811Purchased service creditAllocation.
HTMLPDF 41.40.815Lump sum paymentsReentry.
HTMLPDF 41.40.820Retirement eligibility.
HTMLPDF 41.40.823Member with terminal illnessRemoval from system.
HTMLPDF 41.40.825Disability allowanceDeath of recipient.
HTMLPDF 41.40.830Restored, purchased service credit under plan 2Transfer to plan 3.
HTMLPDF 41.40.835Death benefits.
HTMLPDF 41.40.840Postretirement cost-of-living.
HTMLPDF 41.40.845Options for payment of retirement allowancesCourt-approved property settlement.
HTMLPDF 41.40.850Suspension of retirement allowance upon reemploymentExceptionReinstatement.
HTMLPDF 41.40.870Discontinuing judicial retirement account plan contributionsAdditional benefitOne-time irrevocable electionJustices and judges.
HTMLPDF 41.40.873Additional benefit for district or municipal court judgesOne-time irrevocable election.
HTMLPDF 41.40.877Justices or judges retirement allowanceIn lieu of RCW 41.40.790.
HTMLPDF 41.40.880District or municipal court judges retirement allowanceIn lieu of RCW 41.40.790.
HTMLPDF 41.40.920Effective date1977 ex.s. c 295.
HTMLPDF 41.40.930Benefits not contractual right until March 1, 2002.
HTMLPDF 41.40.931Effective dates2000 c 247.
HTMLPDF 41.40.932Subchapter headings not law2000 c 247.


Numerical designations1998 c 341: See note following chapter 41.26 RCW digest.
Portability of public retirement benefits: Chapter 41.54 RCW.
Transfer of membership to judges' retirement system: RCW 2.12.100.