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Powers and duties.

The board shall have such general powers as are vested in it by the provisions of this chapter, and in addition thereto, the power to:
(1) Generally supervise and control the administration of this chapter and the firefighters' pension fund created hereby.
(2) Pass upon and allow or disallow all applications for pensions or other benefits provided by this chapter.
(3) Provide for payment from said fund of necessary expenses of maintenance and administration of said pension system and fund.
(4) Invest the moneys of the fund in a manner consistent with the investment policies outlined in RCW 35.39.060. Authorized investments shall include investment grade securities issued by the United States, state, municipal corporations, other public bodies, corporate bonds, and other investments authorized by RCW 35.39.030, 35.58.510, 35.81.070, 35.82.070, 36.29.020, 39.58.020, 39.58.080, 39.58.130, 39.60.010, 39.60.020, 68.52.060, and 68.52.065.
(5) Employ such agents, employees and other personnel as the board may deem necessary for the proper administration of this chapter.
(6) Compel witnesses to appear and testify before it, in the same manner as is or may be provided by law for the taking of depositions in the superior court. Any member of the board may administer oaths to witnesses who testify before the board of a nature and in a similar manner to oaths administered by superior courts of the state of Washington.
(7) Issue vouchers approved by the chairperson and secretary and to cause warrants therefor to be issued and paid from said fund for the payment of claims allowed by it.
(8) Keep a record of all its proceedings, which record shall be public; and prepare and file with the city treasurer and city clerk or comptroller prior to the date when any payments are to be made from the fund, a list of all persons entitled to payment from the fund, stating the amount and purpose of such payment, said list to be certified to and signed by the chairperson and secretary of the board and attested under oath.
(9) Make rules and regulations not inconsistent with this chapter for the purpose of carrying out and effecting the same.
(10) Appoint one or more duly licensed and practicing physicians who shall examine and report to the board upon all applications for relief and pension under this chapter. Such physicians shall visit and examine all sick firefighters and firefighters who are disabled when, in their judgment, the best interests of the relief and pension fund require it or when ordered by the board. They shall perform all operations on such sick and injured firefighters and render all medical aid and care necessary for the recovery of such firefighters on account of sickness or disability received while in the performance of duty as defined in this chapter. Such physicians shall be paid from said fund, the amount of said fees or salary to be set and agreed upon by the board and the physicians. No physician not regularly appointed or specially appointed and employed, as hereinafter provided, shall receive or be entitled to any fees or compensation from said fund as attending physician to a sick or injured firefighter. If any sick or injured firefighter refuses the services of the appointed physicians, or the specially appointed and employed physician, he or she shall be personally liable for the fees of any other physician employed by him or her. No person shall have a right of action against the board or the municipality for negligence of any physician employed by it. The board shall have the power and authority to select and employ, besides the regularly appointed physician, such other physician, surgeon or specialist for consultation with, or assistance to the regularly appointed physician, or for the purpose of performing operations or rendering services and treatment in particular cases, as it shall deem advisable, and to pay fees for such services from said fund. Said board shall hear and decide all applications for such relief or pensions under this chapter, and its decisions on such applications shall be final and conclusive and not subject to revision or reversal except by the board.


IntentFinding2007 c 218: See note following RCW 41.08.020.
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