Chapter 41.14 RCW



HTMLPDF 41.14.010Declaration of purpose.
HTMLPDF 41.14.020Terms defined.
HTMLPDF 41.14.030Civil service commissionAppointment, terms, qualifications, compensation, etc.
HTMLPDF 41.14.040Combined system authorized in counties with populations of less than forty thousand.
HTMLPDF 41.14.050CommissionOrganization, meetingsChief examiner, qualifications, duties.
HTMLPDF 41.14.060Powers and duties of commission.
HTMLPDF 41.14.065Delegation of powers and duties of commission in county with a population of one million or more.
HTMLPDF 41.14.070Classified and unclassified service designatedProcedures.
HTMLPDF 41.14.080Classified serviceAppointment, promotion, transfer, suspension, discharge.
HTMLPDF 41.14.090Status of existing employees in classified service.
HTMLPDF 41.14.100Qualifications of applicants for positionLaw enforcement agencies.
HTMLPDF 41.14.110TenureGrounds for deprivation.
HTMLPDF 41.14.120Removal, suspension, demotion, or dischargeProcedureAppeal.
HTMLPDF 41.14.130Filling vacancies in classified serviceEligibility listProbation.
HTMLPDF 41.14.140Power to fill positionsConsent of county commissionersSalaries and compensation.
HTMLPDF 41.14.150Procedure for payment of compensationRefusal to pay.
HTMLPDF 41.14.160Leaves of absence.
HTMLPDF 41.14.170Actions to enforce chapterDuties of prosecuting attorneys.
HTMLPDF 41.14.180Prohibited acts relating to registration, examination, certificationDiscrimination prohibited.
HTMLPDF 41.14.190Political activities regulated.
HTMLPDF 41.14.200Cooperation and aid by other county officers and employees.
HTMLPDF 41.14.210Funds for commission in counties with populations of two hundred ten thousand or moreCounty budgetSurplus.
HTMLPDF 41.14.220PenaltyJurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 41.14.250City contracts to obtain sheriff's office law enforcement servicesTransfer of police department employees.
HTMLPDF 41.14.260City contracts to obtain sheriff's office law enforcement servicesTransfer of police department employees into county civil service for sheriff's officeSeniority for employment.
HTMLPDF 41.14.270City contracts to obtain sheriff's office law enforcement servicesLayoffsNoticeTime limitation for transfers.
HTMLPDF 41.14.280City contracts to obtain sheriff's office law enforcement servicesRules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 41.14.290Appointment of classified employee to exempt positionReturn to regular position.