Chapter 40.14 RCW



40.14.010Definition and classification of public records.
40.14.020Division of archives and records managementState archivistPowers and dutiesDuties of public officials.
40.14.022Division of archives and records managementImaging account.
40.14.024Division of archives and records managementLocal government archives account.
40.14.025Division of archives and records managementAllocation of costs of servicesPublic records efficiency, preservation, and access account.
40.14.026Division of archives and records managementCompetitive grant program to improve technology information systems for public records and related trainingReview of program and training servicesPublic records request logAgency reporting requirementsDuties of the joint legislative audit and review committee.
40.14.027Local government archives and records management servicesJudgment debtor surcharge.
40.14.030Transfer to state archivesCertified copies, costPublic disclosure.
40.14.040Records officersDesignationPowers and duties.
40.14.050Records committeeComposition, travel expenses, meetings, powers and dutiesRetention schedules.
40.14.060Destruction, disposition of official public records or office files and memorandaRecord retention schedules.
40.14.070Destruction, disposition, donation of local government recordsPreservation for historical interestLocal records committee, dutiesRecord retention schedulesSealed recordsPeace and corrections officer personnel records.
40.14.080Chapter not to affect other laws.
40.14.100Legislative recordsDefined.
40.14.110Legislative recordsContribution of papers by legislators and employees.
40.14.120Legislative records"Clerk," "secretary" defined.
40.14.130Legislative recordsDuties of legislative officials, employees and state archivistDelivery of recordsCustodyAvailability.
40.14.140Legislative recordsParty caucuses to be advisedInformation and instructions.
40.14.150Legislative recordsUse for research.
40.14.160Legislative recordsRules for access to records.
40.14.170Legislative recordsSound recordings.
40.14.180Legislative recordsConstructionConfidentiality of bill drafting records.


Materials specifically authorized to be printed and distributed by secretary of state: RCW 43.07.140.