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Session lawsPublication, distribution, sale, exchange.

The statute law committee, after each legislative session, shall distribute, sell, or exchange session laws as required under this section.
(1) The statute law committee, in its discretion, may provide for provision of free copies in digital or print format of the session laws to selected federal, state, and local agencies. Special consideration shall be given to correctional institutions where internet access is not allowed and to public libraries and other public agencies where internet access is limited or not available.
(2) Surplus paper sets of the session laws shall be sold and delivered by the statute law committee, in which case the price of the paper sets shall be sufficient to cover costs.
All money received from sale of the session laws shall be paid into the statute law committee publications account.
(3) The statute law committee may exchange session law sets for similar laws or legal materials of other states, territories, and governments, and make such other distribution of the sets as in its judgment seems proper.
(4)(a) The statute law committee, in its discretion, may publish the official copy of the session laws in a digital format on the code reviser or legislative website.
(b) The code reviser shall provide a paper copy of any individual session law or the compiled session laws of any session upon request. The code reviser may charge a minimal fee sufficient to cover costs of printing and mailing the paper copy.


PurposeFindingIntent2011 c 156: See note following RCW 1.08.080.
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