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Security for costs.

When a plaintiff in an action, or in a garnishment or other proceeding, resides out of the county, or is a foreign corporation, or begins such action or proceeding as the assignee of some other person or of a firm or corporation, as to all causes of action sued upon, security for the costs and charges which may be awarded against such plaintiff may be required by the defendant or garnishee defendant. When required, all proceedings in the action or proceeding shall be stayed until a bond, executed by two or more persons, or by a surety company authorized to do business in this state be filed with the clerk, conditioned that they will pay such costs and charges as may be awarded against the plaintiff by judgment, or in the progress of the action or proceeding, not exceeding the sum of two hundred dollars. A new or additional bond may be ordered by the court or judge, upon proof that the original bond is insufficient security, and proceedings in the action or proceeding stayed until such new or additional bond be executed and filed. The plaintiff may deposit with the clerk the sum of two hundred dollars in lieu of a bond.
[ 1929 c 103 s 1; Code 1881 s 527; 1877 p 111 s 531; 1854 p 204 s 389; RRS s 495.]
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