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Abstract of verdictCessation of lien, certificate.

The clerk shall, on request and at the expense of the party in whose favor the verdict is rendered, or the party's attorney, prepare an abstract of such verdict in substantially the same form as an abstract of a judgment and transmit such abstract to the clerk of any court in any county in the state as directed, and shall make a note on the execution docket of the name of the county to which each of such abstracts is sent. The clerk receiving such abstract shall, on payment of the statutory fee, enter and index it in the execution docket in the same manner as an abstract of judgment. The entry shall have the same effect in such county as in the county where the verdict was rendered.
Whenever the verdict, or any judgment rendered thereon, shall cease to be a lien in the county where rendered, the clerk of the court shall on request of anyone, and the payment of the cost and expense thereof, certify that the lien has ceased, and transmit such certificate to the clerk of any court to which an abstract was forwarded, and the clerk receiving the certificate, on payment of the statutory fee, shall enter it in the execution docket, and then the lien of such verdict or judgment shall cease. Nothing in this section or RCW 4.64.020 shall be construed as authorizing the issuance of an execution by a clerk in any other county than that in which the judgment is rendered.


Fees of
superior court clerks: RCW 36.18.020.
supreme and appellate court clerks: RCW 2.32.070.
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