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Entry of verdict in execution docketEffect.

(1) The clerk on the return of a verdict shall forthwith enter it in the execution docket, specifying the amount, the names of the parties to the action, and the names of the party or parties against whom the verdict is rendered; such entry shall be indexed in the record index and shall conform as near as may be to entries of judgments required to be made in the execution docket.
(2) Beginning at eight o'clock a.m. the day after the entry of a verdict as herein provided, it shall be notice to all the world of the rendition thereof, and any person subsequently acquiring title to or a lien upon the real property of the party or parties against whom the verdict is returned shall be deemed to have acquired such title or lien with notice, and such title or lien shall be subject and inferior to any judgment afterwards entered on the verdict.


Rules of court: Cf. CR 58(b).
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