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Cessation of lienExtension prohibitedException.

(1) Except as provided in subsections (2) and (3) of this section, after the expiration of ten years from the date of the entry of any judgment heretofore or hereafter rendered in this state, it shall cease to be a lien or charge against the estate or person of the judgment debtor. No suit, action or other proceeding shall ever be had on any judgment rendered in this state by which the lien shall be extended or continued in force for any greater or longer period than ten years.
(2) An underlying judgment or judgment lien entered after *the effective date of this act for accrued child support shall continue in force for ten years after the eighteenth birthday of the youngest child named in the order for whom support is ordered. All judgments entered after *the effective date of this act shall contain the birthdate of the youngest child for whom support is ordered.
(3) A lien based upon an underlying judgment continues in force for an additional ten-year period if the period of execution for the underlying judgment is extended under RCW 6.17.020.
[ 1995 c 75 § 1; 1989 c 360 § 2; 1979 ex.s. c 236 § 1; 1929 c 60 § 7; RRS §§ 459, 460. Formerly RCW 4.56.210 and 4.56.220. Prior: 1897 c 39 §§ 1, 2.]


*Reviser's note: This act [1989 c 360] has three effective dates. Sections 9, 10, and 16 are effective May 12, 1989, section 39 is effective July 1, 1990, and the remainder of this act is effective July 23, 1989.
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