Chapter 39.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 39.12.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 39.12.015Industrial statistician to make determinations of prevailing rate.
HTMLPDF 39.12.017Industrial statistician to establish prevailing rate for residential constructionWage and hour surveys.
HTMLPDF 39.12.020Prevailing rate to be paid on public works and under public building service maintenance contractsPosting of statement of intentException.
HTMLPDF 39.12.021Prevailing rate to be paid on public worksApprentice workers.
HTMLPDF 39.12.026SurveysApplicability by countyElectronic option.
HTMLPDF 39.12.030Contract specifications must state minimum hourly rateStipulation for paymentResidential and commercial construction work.
HTMLPDF 39.12.040Statement of intent to pay prevailing wages, affidavit of wages paidAlternative procedure.
HTMLPDF 39.12.042Compliance with RCW 39.12.040Liability of public agencies to workers, laborers, or mechanics.
HTMLPDF 39.12.050False statement, failure to file, or failure to post document required to be postedPenaltyUnpaid wages lien against bond and retainageProhibitions on bidding on future contractsHearingException.
HTMLPDF 39.12.055Prohibitions on bidding on future contracts.
HTMLPDF 39.12.060Director of labor and industries to arbitrate disputes.
HTMLPDF 39.12.065Investigation of complaintsNotice of violationHearingExceptionRemediesPenaltiesWaiver or reduction.
HTMLPDF 39.12.070Fees authorized for approvals, certifications, and arbitrations.
HTMLPDF 39.12.080Public works administration account.
HTMLPDF 39.12.100Independent contractorsCriteria.
HTMLPDF 39.12.110Failure to provide or allow inspection of records.
HTMLPDF 39.12.120Payroll recordsFilingNoncompliance.


Enforcement of wage claims: RCW 49.48.040.
Hours of labor on public works: Chapter 49.28 RCW.
Workers' compensation applicable to public works contracts: RCW 51.12.050, 51.12.070.