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Search and rescue activitiesPowers and duties of local officials.

(1) The chief law enforcement officer of each political subdivision shall be responsible for local search and rescue activities. Operation of search and rescue activities shall be in accordance with state and local operations plans adopted by the elected governing body of each local political subdivision. These state and local plans must specify the use of the incident command system for multiagency/multijurisdiction search and rescue operations. The local emergency management director shall notify the department of all search and rescue missions. The local director of emergency management shall work in a coordinating capacity directly supporting all search and rescue activities in that political subdivision and in registering emergency search and rescue workers for employee status. The chief law enforcement officer of each political subdivision may restrict access to a specific search and rescue area to personnel authorized by him or her. Access shall be restricted only for the period of time necessary to accomplish the search and rescue mission. No unauthorized person shall interfere with a search and rescue mission.
(2) When search and rescue activities result in the discovery of a deceased person or search and rescue workers assist in the recovery of human remains, the chief law enforcement officer of the political subdivision shall insure compliance with chapter 68.50 RCW.


Severability1986 c 266: See note following RCW 38.52.005.
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