Chapter 37.16 RCW



HTMLPDF 37.16.180Jurisdiction ceded.


Reviser's note: Chapter 4, Laws of 1917, herein codified as chapter 37.16 RCW, is discussed in State ex rel. Bd. of Cty. Comm'rs v. Clausen, 95 Wash. 214, 163 P. 744 (1917), where it is considered in conjunction with 1917 c 3, a special act authorizing (and directing) Pierce county to condemn property and issue bonds in payment of awards therefor in order to secure the location of Camp Lewis (now part of Joint Base Lewis-McChord) in that county. In prior compilations, Remington omitted 1917 c 4, and Pierce omitted all but section 22, ceding the state's jurisdiction to the United States. 1917 c 4 appears to have been a general act and for that reason was codified herein. Most of the sections in this chapter were subsequently repealed by 1971 c 76 s 6.
Appropriation authorized in aid of federal or state improvement: RCW 8.08.090.
Condemnation for military purposes: RCW 8.04.170, 8.04.180.
Eminent domain by counties: Chapter 8.08 RCW.
Joint armory sites: RCW 36.64.050.
Lease or conveyance to the state or to United States for military, housing and other purposes: RCW 36.34.250.
Leases to United States for national defense: RCW 79.13.090.
Long term leases to United States by counties: RCW 36.34.310.
Tidelands and shorelands grants to United States: RCW 79.125.760 through 79.125.790.
Transfer of property to state or United States for military purposes or housing projects: RCW 36.34.260.