Chapter 36.93 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.93.010Purpose.
HTMLPDF 36.93.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 36.93.030Creation of boundary review boards in counties with populations of two hundred ten thousand or moreCreation in other counties.
HTMLPDF 36.93.040Dates upon which boards in counties with populations of less than two hundred ten thousand deemed established.
HTMLPDF 36.93.051Appointment of boardMembersTermsQualifications.
HTMLPDF 36.93.061Boards in counties with populations of less than one millionMembersTermsQualifications.
HTMLPDF 36.93.063Selection of board membersProcedureCommencement of termVacancies.
HTMLPDF 36.93.067Effect of failure to make appointment.
HTMLPDF 36.93.070Chair, vice chair, chief clerkPowers and duties of board and chief clerkMeetingsHearingsCounselCompensation.
HTMLPDF 36.93.080ExpendituresRemittance of costs to counties.
HTMLPDF 36.93.090Filing notice of proposed actions with board.
HTMLPDF 36.93.093Copy of notice of intention by water-sewer district to be sent officials.
HTMLPDF 36.93.100Review of proposed actions by boardProcedure.
HTMLPDF 36.93.105Actions not subject to review by board.
HTMLPDF 36.93.110When review not necessary.
HTMLPDF 36.93.116Simultaneous consideration of incorporation and annexation of territory.
HTMLPDF 36.93.120Fees.
HTMLPDF 36.93.130Notice of intentionContents.
HTMLPDF 36.93.140Pending actions not affected.
HTMLPDF 36.93.150Review of proposed actionsActions and determinations of boardDisapproval, effect.
HTMLPDF 36.93.153Review of proposed incorporation in county with boundary review board.
HTMLPDF 36.93.155Annexation approvalOther action not authorized.
HTMLPDF 36.93.157Decisions to be consistent with growth management act.
HTMLPDF 36.93.160HearingsNoticeRecordSubpoenasDecision of boardAppellate review.
HTMLPDF 36.93.170Factors to be considered by boardIncorporation proceedings exempt from state environmental policy act.
HTMLPDF 36.93.180Objectives of boundary review board.
HTMLPDF 36.93.185Objectives of boundary review boardWater-sewer district annexations, mergersTerritory not adjacent to district.
HTMLPDF 36.93.190Decision of board not to affect existing franchises, permits, codes, ordinances, etc., for ten years.
HTMLPDF 36.93.200Rules and regulationsAdoption procedure.
HTMLPDF 36.93.210Rules and regulationsFilingPermanent register.
HTMLPDF 36.93.220Provisions of prior laws superseded by chapter.
HTMLPDF 36.93.230Power to disband boundary review board.
HTMLPDF 36.93.800Application of chapter to merged special purpose districts.
HTMLPDF 36.93.900Effective date1967 c 189.