Chapter 36.40 RCW



36.40.010Estimates to be filed by county officials.
36.40.020Commissioners to file road and bridge estimate and estimate of future bond expenditures.
36.40.030Forms of estimatesPenalty for delay.
36.40.040Preliminary budget.
36.40.050Revision by county commissioners.
36.40.060Notice of hearing on budget.
36.40.070Budget hearing.
36.40.071Budget hearingAlternate date for budget hearing.
36.40.080Final budget to be fixed.
36.40.090Taxes to be levied.
36.40.100Budget constitutes appropriationsTransfersSupplemental appropriations.
36.40.120Limitation on use of borrowed money.
36.40.130Excess of expenditures, liability.
36.40.140Emergencies subject to hearing.
36.40.150Emergencies subject to hearingRight of taxpayer to review order.
36.40.160Emergencies subject to hearingPetition for review suspends order.
36.40.170Emergencies subject to hearingCourt's power on review.
36.40.180Emergencies subject to hearingNondebatable emergencies.
36.40.190Payment of emergency warrants.
36.40.195Supplemental appropriations of unanticipated funds from local sources.
36.40.200Lapse of budget appropriations.
36.40.205Salary adjustment for county legislative authority officeRatification and validation of preelection action.
36.40.210Monthly report.
36.40.220Rules, classifications, and forms.
36.40.230No new funds created.
36.40.250Biennial budgetsSupplemental and emergency budgets.


County road property tax revenues, budgeting of for services: RCW 36.33.220.
Flood control zone district budget as affecting: RCW 86.15.140.
Juvenile detention facilities, budget allocation may be used for: RCW 13.16.080.
Metropolitan municipal corporation costs in: RCW 35.58.420.