Chapter 36.35 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.35.010PurposePowers of county legislative authority as to tax title lands.
HTMLPDF 36.35.020"Tax title lands" definedHeld in trust for taxing districts.
HTMLPDF 36.35.070Chapter as alternative.
HTMLPDF 36.35.080Other lands not affected.
HTMLPDF 36.35.090Chapter not affected by other acts.
HTMLPDF 36.35.100Treatment of county held tax-title property.
HTMLPDF 36.35.110Disposition of proceeds of sales.
HTMLPDF 36.35.120Sales of tax-title propertyReservationsNoticesInstallment contractsSeparate sale of reserved resources.
HTMLPDF 36.35.130Form of deed and reservation.
HTMLPDF 36.35.140Rental of tax-title property on month to month tenancy authorized.
HTMLPDF 36.35.150Tax-title property may be disposed of without bids in certain casesDisposal for affordable housing purposes.
HTMLPDF 36.35.160Quieting title to tax-title property.
HTMLPDF 36.35.170Quieting title to tax-title propertyForm of actionPleadings.
HTMLPDF 36.35.180Quieting title to tax-title propertySummons and notice.
HTMLPDF 36.35.190Quieting title to tax-title propertyRedemption before judgment.
HTMLPDF 36.35.200Quieting title to tax-title propertyJudgment.
HTMLPDF 36.35.210Quieting title to tax-title propertyProofPresumptions.
HTMLPDF 36.35.220Quieting title to tax-title propertyAppearance feeTender of taxes.
HTMLPDF 36.35.230Quieting title to tax-title propertyAppellate review.
HTMLPDF 36.35.240Quieting title to tax-title propertyEffect of judgment.
HTMLPDF 36.35.250Quieting title to tax-title propertySpecial assessments payable out of surplus.
HTMLPDF 36.35.260Quieting title to tax-title propertyForm of deed on sale after title quieted.
HTMLPDF 36.35.270Quieting title to tax-title propertyLimitation on recovery for breach of warranty.
HTMLPDF 36.35.280Tax deeds to cities and towns absolute despite reversionary provision.
HTMLPDF 36.35.290EasementsElectric utility recorded interest.