Chapter 36.27 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.27.005Defined.
HTMLPDF 36.27.010Eligibility to office.
HTMLPDF 36.27.020Duties.
HTMLPDF 36.27.030Disability of prosecuting attorney.
HTMLPDF 36.27.040Appointment of deputiesSpecial and temporary deputies.
HTMLPDF 36.27.045Employment of legal interns.
HTMLPDF 36.27.050Special emoluments prohibited.
HTMLPDF 36.27.060Private practice prohibited in certain countiesDeputy prosecutors.
HTMLPDF 36.27.070Office at county seat.
HTMLPDF 36.27.100Statewide drug prosecution assistance programCreated.
HTMLPDF 36.27.110Statewide drug prosecution assistance programAdvisory committeeSelection of project director.
HTMLPDF 36.27.120Statewide drug prosecution assistance programPersonnelReview of assignmentsSupervision of special deputies.
HTMLPDF 36.27.130Felony resentencing.


Attorney general to act if prosecuting attorney defaults: RCW 43.10.090.
Attorney general to assist: RCW 43.10.030(4).
Autopsy reports, prosecuting attorney may know contents of: RCW 68.50.105.
Charitable solicitors, prosecuting attorney's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 19.09 RCW.
County canvassing board, prosecuting attorney as member: RCW 29A.60.160, 39.40.030.
Defined for diking, drainage or sewerage improvement district purposes: RCW 85.08.010.
Dissolution of inactive port districts: Chapter 53.47 RCW.
District court districting committee, as member of: RCW 3.38.010.
Duties relating to
air pollution control regulations: Chapter 70A.15 RCW.
apple commission law: RCW 15.24.180.
baseball contracts with minors: RCW 67.04.110, 67.04.120.
basic juvenile court act: Chapter 13.04 RCW.
camping resorts: RCW 19.105.470, 19.105.490.
cigarette excise tax forfeiture proceeding: RCW 82.24.135.
cities and towns, proceedings attacking validity of consolidation or annexation: RCW 35.23.545.
civil service for sheriff's office: RCW 41.14.170.
crime victims and witnesses, comprehensive programs: RCW 7.68.035.
dairy products commission law: RCW 15.44.160.
degree-granting institutions: Chapter 28B.85 RCW.
dental hygienists, licensing of: RCW 18.29.100.
department of natural resources: RCW 78.52.035.
diking, drainage and sewerage improvement districts: Chapter 85.08 RCW.
diseased apiaries as nuisance: Chapter 15.60 RCW.
elections, initiative and referendum: Chapter 29A.72 RCW.
elevators, escalators, like conveyances: RCW 70.87.140.
eminent domain by counties: Chapter 8.08 RCW.
food, drug and cosmetic act: RCW 69.04.160.
grain and terminal warehouses, commodity inspection violations: Chapter 22.09 RCW.
homestead property, application to alienate upon grounds of insanity of one spouse: Chapter 6.13 RCW.
hotels, safety inspection violations: Chapter 70.62 RCW.
housing authority act: RCW 35.82.040.
individuals with mental illness, alcoholics, detention of in private hospitals: Chapter 71.12 RCW.
inspection and certification service fees: RCW 15.17.150.
liquor violations: RCW 66.44.010.
abatement proceedings: Chapter 66.36 RCW.
mental illness: Chapter 71.05 RCW.
pharmacists, regulations of: Chapter 18.64 RCW.
physical therapy, practice of: RCW 18.74.090, 18.74.095.
pilotage act, violations: Chapter 88.16 RCW.
plats, subdivisions and dedications, failure to file: Chapter 58.17 RCW.
private vocational schools: Chapter 28C.10 RCW.
public lands, tidelands and shorelands, appraisal of: RCW 79.125.070.
railroad grade crossings as nuisance, abatement of: RCW 81.53.190.
real estate brokers and salespersons licensing provisions: RCW 18.85.430.
retail installment transaction act: RCW 63.14.190.
river and harbor improvement districts: Chapter 88.32 RCW.
school districts, violations applicable to: Chapter 28A.635 RCW.
securities act: RCW 21.20.410.
seeds: Chapter 15.49 RCW.
sexual psychopaths and psychopathic delinquents: Chapter 71.06 RCW.
soft tree fruits commission law: RCW 15.28.290.
standards, grades and packs violations: RCW 15.17.260.
support of dependent children: Chapter 74.20 RCW.
taxes, property
lien foreclosure: Chapter 84.64 RCW.
recovery: Chapter 84.68 RCW.
term papers, theses, dissertations, sale of prohibited: RCW 28B.10.584.
uniform reciprocal enforcement of support act: Chapter 26.21A RCW.
veterans, employment, reemployment rights: RCW 73.16.061.
vital statistics: Chapter 70.58A RCW.
wages, payment and collection of: RCW 49.48.050.
Washington commercial feed law: Chapter 15.53 RCW.
Washington fertilizer act: RCW 15.54.470.
Washington pesticide act: Chapter 15.58 RCW.
Washington state agricultural enabling act of 1961: RCW 15.65.550.
water code: RCW 90.03.100, 90.03.350.
weed districts: Chapter 17.04 RCW.
wharves, eminent domain of county to provide: RCW 88.24.070.
Gambling activities, as affecting: Chapter 9.46 RCW.
Governor may request action by: RCW 43.06.010(6).
Juvenile justice act, duties of prosecuting attorney: Chapter 13.40 RCW.
Pawnbroker's and secondhand dealers' records open to inspection: RCW 19.60.020.
Support of dependent children, records available for use in proceedings relating to: RCW 74.20.280.
Uniform interstate family support act, prosecuting attorney may enter into agreement where attorney general will carry out duties under: RCW 74.20.210.
Vehicle of is emergency vehicle: RCW 46.04.040.
Washington habitual traffic offenders act, prosecuting attorney's duties: Chapter 46.65 RCW.