Chapter 36.18 RCW



36.18.010Auditor's fees.
36.18.012Various fees collectedDivision with state.
36.18.014FeesDivision with county law libraryPetition for emancipation for minors.
36.18.016Various fees collectedNot subject to division.
36.18.018Fees to state court, administrative office of the courtsAppellate review fee and surchargeVariable fee for copies and reports.
36.18.020Clerk's fees, surcharges.
36.18.022Filing fees may be waivedWhen.
36.18.025Portion of filing fees to be remitted to state treasurer.
36.18.030Coroner's fees.
36.18.040Sheriff's fees.
36.18.045Treasurer's fees.
36.18.050Fees in special cases.
36.18.060Fees payable in advanceException.
36.18.070Single mileage chargeable when.
36.18.080Fee schedule to be kept posted.
36.18.090Itemized receipt to be given.
36.18.160Penalty for taking illegal fees.
36.18.170Penalty for failure to pay over fees.
36.18.180Office to be declared vacant on conviction.
36.18.190Collection of unpaid financial obligationsCollection contractsInterest to collection agencies authorized.