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Service provider agreementsCompetitive solicitation process for personal service contracts of one hundred fifty thousand dollars or moreExceptions.

(1) The public facilities district may secure services by means of an agreement with a service provider. The public facilities district shall publish notice, establish criteria, receive and evaluate proposals, and negotiate with respondents under requirements set forth by district resolution.
(2) For personal service contracts of one hundred fifty thousand dollars or greater not otherwise governed by chapter 39.80 RCW, contracts for architectural and engineering services, a competitive solicitation process is required. The district shall establish the process by resolution, which must at a minimum include the following:
(a) Notice. A notice inviting statements of either qualifications or proposals, or both, from interested parties must be published in a newspaper of general circulation throughout the county in which the district is located at least ten days before the date for submitting the statements of qualifications or proposals.
(b) Description of services required. The request for statements of either qualifications or proposals, or both published or provided to interested parties must describe the services required and list the types of information and data required of each proposal. It may also describe the evaluation criteria and state the relative importance of the criteria if then available.
(c) Review and evaluation. The district shall establish a process to review and evaluate statements of either qualifications or proposals, or both. That process may include a selection board identified by the district or some other panel of evaluators. If appropriate, the reviewers may hear oral presentations by proposers.
(d) Selection. The evaluators shall select and rank the most qualified proposers. In selecting and ranking such proposers, the selection board shall consider the evaluation criteria established by the district and may consider such other information as may be secured during the evaluation process related to a proposer's qualifications and experience.
(e) Negotiations. The district shall enter into contract negotiations with the top-ranked proposer or proposers identified in the selection process. Negotiations may be conducted concurrently or sequentially as may be allowed by law.
(f) Approval. When negotiations are complete, the proposed contract will be presented to the district's governing body at its next regularly scheduled meeting for approval or ratification.
(3) Exceptions. The requirements of this section need not be met in the following circumstances:
(a) Emergency. When the contracting authority makes a finding that an emergency requires the immediate execution of the work involved. As used in this subsection, "emergency" has the same meaning as provided in *RCW 39.29.006;
(b) Contract amendment. Amendments to existing service contracts are exempt from these requirements; and
(c) Sole source. In the event that the services being sought can only be obtained from a single source, then the district shall make a formal written finding stating the factual basis for the exception and the solicitation requirements of this section do not apply. As used in this subsection, "sole source" has the same meaning as provided in *RCW 39.29.006.
(4) Prospective application. Nothing in this section affects the validity or effect of any district contract executed prior to July 26, 2009.


*Reviser's note: RCW 39.29.006 was repealed by 2012 c 224 s 29, effective January 1, 2013.
Severability1995 c 396: See note following RCW 36.100.010.
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