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Validity of ordinances and resolutionsDeficiencies of form.

Deficiencies in the form of an ordinance or resolution shall not affect the validity thereof if the following requirements are met:
(1) The purpose and intent of the ordinance or resolution are clear.
(2) Any regulatory or procedural provisions thereof are expressed in clear and unambiguous terms, or the legislative intent can be determined by usual methods of judicial construction.
(3) The legislative action was taken at an authorized public meeting held within the code city limits at a time and place made known to residents of the city, as provided by law.
(4) The legislative body of the code city followed the prescribed procedures, if any, for passage of such an ordinance or resolution, as provided in the law or charter provision delegating to the legislative body the authority to so legislate; or, if prescribed procedures were not strictly complied with, no substantial detriment was incurred by any affected person, by reason of such irregularity.
If the foregoing requirements have been met, brevity or awkwardness of language, or defects of form not going to the substance, or inadvertent use of an incorrect or inaccurate proper name or term shall not render an ordinance or resolution invalid, if otherwise in compliance with law.
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