Chapter 35A.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 35A.12.010Elective city officersSize of council.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.020Appointive officersDutiesCompensation.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.030Eligibility to hold elective office.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.040ElectionsTerms of elective officersNumbering of council positions.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.050Vacancies.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.060Vacancy for nonattendance.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.065Pro tempore appointments.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.070Compensation of elective officersExpenses.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.080Oath and bond of officers.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.090Appointment and removal of officersTerms.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.100Duties and authority of the mayorVetoTie-breaking vote.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.110Council meetings.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.120CouncilQuorumRulesVoting.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.130OrdinancesStyleRequisitesVeto.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.140Adoption of codes by reference.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.150OrdinancesAuthentication and recording.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.160Publication of ordinances or summaryPublic notice of hearings and meeting agendas.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.170Audit and allowance of demands against city.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.180Optional division of city into wards.
HTMLPDF 35A.12.190Powers of council.