Chapter 35.87A RCW



HTMLPDF 35.87A.010AuthorizedPurposesSpecial assessments.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.030Initiation petition or resolutionContents.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.040Resolution of intention to establishContentsHearing.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.050Notice of hearing.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.060Hearings.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.070Change of boundaries.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.075Modification of boundaries.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.080Special assessmentsLegislative authority may make reasonable classificationsAssessments for separate purposes.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.090Special assessmentsSame basis or rate for classes not requiredFactors as to parking facilities.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.100Ordinance to establishAdoptionContents.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.110Use of revenueContracts to administer operation of area.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.120Use of assessment proceeds restricted.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.130Collection of assessments.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.140Changes in assessment rates.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.150Benefit zonesAuthorizedRates.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.160Benefit zonesEstablishment, modification and disestablishment of area provisions and procedure to be followed.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.170Exemption period for new businesses and projects.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.180Disestablishment of areaHearing.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.190Disestablishment of areaAssets and liabilities.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.200Bids requiredMonetary amount.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.210Computing cost of improvement for bid requirement.
HTMLPDF 35.87A.220Existing laws not affectedChapter supplementalPurposes may be accomplished in conjunction with other methods.


Assessments and charges against state lands: Chapter 79.44 RCW.