Chapter 35.39 RCW



35.39.030Excess or inactive fundsInvestment.
35.39.032Approval of legislative authorityDelegation of authorityReports.
35.39.034Investment by individual fund or commingling of fundsInvestment in United States securitiesValidation.
35.39.050Construction1965 c 7.
35.39.060Investment of pension funds.
35.39.070City retirement systemRegistration and custody of securities.
35.39.080City retirement systemInvestment advisory committee.
35.39.090City retirement systemInvestment advisory committeePowers and duties.
35.39.100City retirement systemInvestment advisory committeeEmployment of members.
35.39.110City retirement systemInvestment advisory committeeLiability of members.


Investment of
funds in federal agency bonds: Chapter 39.60 RCW.
municipal funds in savings and loan associations by county or other municipal corporation treasurer: RCW 36.29.020.
Municipal revenue bond act: Chapter 35.41 RCW.