Chapter 35.13 RCW



HTMLPDF 35.13.001Actions subject to review by boundary review board.
HTMLPDF 35.13.005Annexations beyond urban growth areas prohibited.
HTMLPDF 35.13.010Authority for annexation.
HTMLPDF 35.13.015Election methodResolution for electionContents of resolution.
HTMLPDF 35.13.020Election methodPetition for electionSignersRate of assessment in annexed areaComprehensive planFiling and approvalCosts.
HTMLPDF 35.13.030Election methodPetition for electionContent.
HTMLPDF 35.13.040Election methodHearingNotice.
HTMLPDF 35.13.050Election methodPetition or resolution for electionOthers covering same area barred from consideration, withdrawal.
HTMLPDF 35.13.060Election methodFixing date of election.
HTMLPDF 35.13.070Election methodConduct of election.
HTMLPDF 35.13.080Election methodNotice of election.
HTMLPDF 35.13.090Election methodVote requiredProposition for assumption of indebtednessCertification.
HTMLPDF 35.13.095Election methodVote required for annexation with assumption of indebtednessWithout assumption of indebtedness.
HTMLPDF 35.13.100Election methodOrdinances required upon voter approvalAssumption of indebtedness.
HTMLPDF 35.13.110Election methodEffective date of annexation or annexation and comprehensive planTaxation of area annexed.
HTMLPDF 35.13.120Election method is alternative.
HTMLPDF 35.13.125Direct petition methodCommencement of proceedingsNotice to legislative bodyMeetingAssumption of indebtednessComprehensive plan.
HTMLPDF 35.13.130Direct petition methodPetitionSignersContent.
HTMLPDF 35.13.140Direct petition methodNotice of hearing.
HTMLPDF 35.13.150Direct petition methodOrdinance providing for annexation.
HTMLPDF 35.13.160Direct petition methodEffective date of annexation or annexation and comprehensive planAssessment, taxation of territory annexed.
HTMLPDF 35.13.170Direct petition method is alternative.
HTMLPDF 35.13.171Review boardConveningComposition.
HTMLPDF 35.13.172When review procedure may be dispensed with.
HTMLPDF 35.13.173Determination by review boardFactors consideredFiling of findings.
HTMLPDF 35.13.174Date for annexation election if review board's determination favorable.
HTMLPDF 35.13.176Territory subject to annexation proposalWhen annexation by another city or incorporation allowed.
HTMLPDF 35.13.177Comprehensive land use plan for area to be annexedContentsPurpose.
HTMLPDF 35.13.178Comprehensive land use plan for area to be annexedHearings on proposed planNoticeFiling.
HTMLPDF 35.13.180Annexation for municipal purposes.
HTMLPDF 35.13.182Annexation of unincorporated island of territoryResolutionNotice of hearing.
HTMLPDF 35.13.1821Annexation of unincorporated island of territoryReferendumElection.
HTMLPDF 35.13.1822Annexation of unincorporated island of territoryNotice, hearing.
HTMLPDF 35.13.185Annexation of federal areas by first-class city.
HTMLPDF 35.13.190Annexation of federal areas by second-class cities and towns.
HTMLPDF 35.13.200Annexation of federal areas by second-class cities and townsAnnexation ordinanceProvisions.
HTMLPDF 35.13.210Annexation of federal areas by second-class cities and townsAuthority over annexed territory.
HTMLPDF 35.13.215Annexation of fire districtsTransfer of employees.
HTMLPDF 35.13.225Annexation of fire districtsTransfer of employeesRights and benefits.
HTMLPDF 35.13.235Annexation of fire districtsTransfer of employeesNoticeTime limitation.
HTMLPDF 35.13.238Annexation of territory served by fire districts, interlocal agreement processAnnexation of fire districts, transfer of employees.
HTMLPDF 35.13.249Annexation of fire districtsOwnership of assets of fire protection districtOutstanding indebtedness not affected.
HTMLPDF 35.13.252Fire protection and safety in proposed annexed territoryReport request.
HTMLPDF 35.13.256Fire protection servicesBenefit chargeResolutionExemptionsDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 35.13.260Determining population of annexed territoryCertificateAs basis for allocation of state fundsRevised certificate.
HTMLPDF 35.13.270Taxes collected in annexed territoryNotification of annexation.
HTMLPDF 35.13.280Cancellation, acquisition of franchise or permit for operation of public service business in territory annexedRegulation of solid waste collection.
HTMLPDF 35.13.290When right-of-way may be includedUse of right-of-way line as corporate boundary.
HTMLPDF 35.13.300Boundary line adjustmentPurposeDefinition.
HTMLPDF 35.13.310Boundary line adjustmentAgreementNot subject to review.
HTMLPDF 35.13.320Boundary line adjustmentWhen adjustment requiredLimitationNot subject to review.
HTMLPDF 35.13.330Boundary line adjustmentAgreement pending incorporationLimitationNot subject to review.
HTMLPDF 35.13.340Boundary line adjustmentInclusion or exclusion of remaining portion of parcelWhen subject to reviewDefinition.
HTMLPDF 35.13.350Providing annexation information to public.
HTMLPDF 35.13.360Transfer of county sheriff's employeesPurpose.
HTMLPDF 35.13.370Transfer of county sheriff's employeesWhen authorized.
HTMLPDF 35.13.380Transfer of county sheriff's employeesConditions, limitations.
HTMLPDF 35.13.390Transfer of county sheriff's employeesRules.
HTMLPDF 35.13.400Transfer of county sheriff's employeesNotification of right to transferTime for filing transfer request.
HTMLPDF 35.13.410Alternative direct petition methodCommencement of proceedingsNotice to legislative bodyMeetingAssumption of indebtednessComprehensive plan.
HTMLPDF 35.13.420Alternative direct petition methodPetitionSignersContent.
HTMLPDF 35.13.430Alternative direct petition methodNotice of hearing.
HTMLPDF 35.13.440Alternative direct petition methodOrdinance providing for annexation.
HTMLPDF 35.13.450Alternative direct petition methodEffective date of annexation and comprehensive planAssessment, taxation of territory annexed.
HTMLPDF 35.13.460Alternative direct petition methodMethod is alternative.
HTMLPDF 35.13.470Annexation of territory within urban growth areasInterlocal agreementPublic hearingOrdinance providing for annexation.
HTMLPDF 35.13.480Annexation of territory within urban growth areasCounty may initiate process with other cities or townsInterlocal agreementPublic hearingOrdinanceReferendumElection, when necessary.
HTMLPDF 35.13.490Annexation of territory used for an agricultural fair.
HTMLPDF 35.13.500Annexation of territory within regional transit authorities.
HTMLPDF 35.13.900Application of chapter to annexations involving water or sewer service.


Annexation of fire protection district territory: RCW 35.02.190 through 35.02.205.
Consolidation and annexation of cities and towns: Chapter 35.10 RCW.
Local governmental organizations, actions affecting boundaries, review by boundary review board: Chapter 36.93 RCW.
Population determinations: Chapter 43.62 RCW.
Procedure to attack consolidation or annexation affecting a city of the second class: RCW 35.23.545.
Provisions relating to city annexation review boards not applicable where boundary review board created: RCW 36.93.220.