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Electronic distribution.

(1) In order to provide the greatest possible access to agency documents to the most people, agencies are encouraged to make their rule, interpretive, and policy information available through electronic distribution as well as through the regular mail. Agencies that have the capacity to transmit electronically may ask persons who are on mailing lists or rosters for copies of interpretive statements, policy statements, preproposal statements of inquiry, and other similar notices whether they would like to receive the notices electronically.
(2) Electronic distribution to persons who request it may substitute for mailed copies related to rule making or policy or interpretive statements. If a notice is distributed electronically, the agency is not required to transmit the actual notice form but must send all the information contained in the notice.
(3) Agencies which maintain mailing lists or rosters for any notices relating to rule making or policy or interpretive statements may establish different rosters or lists by general subject area.
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