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Code and registerPublication and distributionOmissions, removals, revisionsJudicial notice.

(1)(a) The code reviser shall cause the Washington Administrative Code to be compiled, indexed by subject, and published. All current, permanently effective rules of each agency shall be published in the Washington Administrative Code. Compilations shall be supplemented or revised as often as necessary and at least annually in a form compatible with the main compilation.
(b) The statute law committee, in its discretion, may publish the official copy of the Washington Administrative Code in a digital format on the code reviser or legislative website.
(c) The code reviser shall provide a paper copy of the entire Washington Administrative Code or any section or sections of the code upon request. The code reviser may charge a minimal fee sufficient to cover costs of printing and mailing the paper copy.
(d) The code reviser shall provide a limited number of free paper copies of the Washington Administrative Code to libraries or institutions on request for access and archival purposes.
(2) Subject to the provisions of this chapter, the code reviser shall prescribe a uniform numbering system, form, and style for all proposed and adopted rules.
(3) The code reviser shall publish a register setting forth the text of all rules filed during the appropriate register publication period.
(4) The code reviser may omit from the register or the compilation, rules that would be unduly cumbersome, expensive, or otherwise inexpedient to publish, if such rules are made available in printed or processed form on application to the adopting agency, and if the register or compilation contains a notice stating the general subject matter of the rules so omitted and stating how copies thereof may be obtained.
(5) The code reviser may edit and revise rules for publication, codification, and compilation, without changing the meaning of any such rule.
(6) When a rule, in whole or in part, is declared invalid and unconstitutional by a court of final appeal, the adopting agency shall give notice to that effect in the register. With the consent of the attorney general, the code reviser may remove obsolete rules or parts of rules from the Washington Administrative Code when:
(a) The rules are declared unconstitutional by a court of final appeal; or
(b) The adopting agency ceases to exist and the rules are not transferred by statute to a successor agency.
(7) Compilations and registers shall be made available for purchase, in print or tangible, digital format, at a price fixed by the code reviser.
(8) The board of law library trustees of each county shall keep and maintain a complete and current set of registers and compilations when required for use and inspection as provided in chapter 27.24 RCW. If the register or compilation is published in digital format on the code reviser or legislative website, providing on-site access to the digital version of the register shall satisfy the requirements of this subsection for access to the register.
(9) Judicial notice shall be taken of rules filed and published as provided in RCW 34.05.380 and this section.


PurposeFindingIntent2011 c 156: See note following RCW 1.08.080.
Severability1980 c 186: See note following RCW 34.05.320.
Effective date1977 ex.s. c 240: See RCW 34.08.905.
Nonbinding effect of unpublished rules and procedures: RCW 42.56.040.
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