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Payment or acquisition of deposit liabilities by federal deposit insurance corporationNot hindered by judicial reviewLiability.

The pendency of any proceedings for judicial review of the director's actions in taking possession and control of a bank and its assets for the purpose of liquidation shall not operate to defer, delay, impede, or prevent the payment or acquisition by the federal deposit insurance corporation of the deposit liabilities of the bank which are insured by the corporation. During the pendency of any proceedings for judicial review, the director shall make available to the federal deposit insurance corporation such facilities in or of the bank and such books, records, and other relevant data of the bank as may be necessary or appropriate to enable the corporation to pay out or to acquire the insured deposit liabilities of the bank. The federal deposit insurance corporation and its directors, officers, agents, and employees, and the director and his or her agents and employees shall be free from liability to the bank, its directors, stockholders, and creditors for or on account of any action taken in connection herewith.
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