Chapter 30A.42 RCW



HTMLPDF 30A.42.010Purpose.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.030Authorization and compliance with chapter required.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.040More than one office prohibited.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.050Acquisition or serving on board of directors or trustees of other financial institutions prohibited.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.060Conditions to be met before opening office in state.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.070Allocated paid-in capitalRequirements.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.080Separate assetsBooks and recordsPriority as to assets.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.090Approval of applicationCriteriaReciprocity.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.100Notice of approvalFilingTime period for commencing business.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.105Power to make loans and to guarantee obligations.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.115Solicitation and acceptance of deposits.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.120Requirements for accepting deposits or transacting business.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.130Taking possession by directorReasonsDisposition of depositsClaimsPriorities.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.140InvestigationsExaminations.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.145Examination reports and informationConfidentialPrivilegedPenalty.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.150Loans subject to usury laws.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.155Powers and activities.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.160Powers as to real estate.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.170Advertising, status of federal insurance on deposits to be includedGifts for new deposits.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.180Approved agenciesPowers and activities.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.190Bonding requirements for officers and employees.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.200Books and accountsEnglish language.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.210BureausApplication procedure.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.220BureausApprovalCertificate of authorityTime limit for commencing business.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.230BureausNumberPowers.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.240BureausExaminations.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.250Temporary facilities at trade fairs, etc.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.260Reports.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.270Taxation.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.280Directors, officers, and employeesDuties, responsibilities and restrictionsRemoval.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.290ComplianceViolationsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.300Suspension or revocation of certificate to operateGrounds.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.310Change of location.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.320Rules.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.330Fees.
HTMLPDF 30A.42.340Alien banks or branches in business on or before effective date.